Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Brutal crackdown by the government could not deter people from coming out of their homes and heading towards Islamabad

 The government’s crackdown on PTI workers and supporters made it clear that they have decided to stop PTI’s Independence March at all cost. News reports say more than 1,000 PTO workers and activists have been arrested. 

The government has called in the Rangers to maintain law and order in Islamabad and other major cities of the country, including Karachi.

All entrances and exits to and from Islamabad were shut down, as was traffic between Lahore and the Twin Cities.

The government has also instructed transport companies not to offer buses, cars, or vans to PTI workers.

The manner in which Shahbaz and its allies are using state apparatus to prevent people from participating in the march is not acceptable. 

The #WeAreComingKaptaan hashtag tells us that brutal crackdown by the government could not deter people from coming out of their homes and heading towards Islamabad. 

Look what this government is doing spreading broken glasses on the road. 

Russia and Ukraine should revert to their pre-conflict borders, according to Kissinger.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry urged the West to quit trying to defeat Russian forces in Ukraine. 

Henry Kissinger warned that this would have long-term devastating ramifications for Europe's stability. 

According to "The Telegraph," he also urged that Ukraine be prepared to hand over a portion of its territory to Russia and return to its borders before the present conflict erupts.

Former US Secretary of State and architect of the Cold War rapprochement between the US and China, John Kerry, told Davos that getting carried away by the atmosphere of the moment and forgetting Russia's proper role in the European balance of power would be dangerous.

The war, according to Kissinger, should not be permitted to stretch on any longer. He also recommended that the West should exert influence over Ukraine and persuade it to accept parameters for negotiations that are quite different from its current war objectives.

Negotiations must begin within the next two months to avoid creating shocks and tensions that are difficult to resolve. He claims that continuing the war beyond this stage will result in a new war against Russia. Before the current conflict erupts, Kissinger believes Russia and Ukraine should return to their borders.

According to reports in the international press, Kissinger has urged Ukraine to make territorial concessions to Russia.
According to Kissinger, Russia has been an important component of Europe for 400 years, ensuring the European balance of power at vital times. 

European policymakers should keep this long-term relationship in mind and avoid pressuring Russia into a permanent partnership with China.

"I'm hoping the Ukrainians will combine their bravery with their intelligence," he remarked. He went on to say that Ukraine's rightful position is that of a neutral buffer state, not a European border.

According to The Telegraph, Kissinger's remark comes amid growing evidence that the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin is fraying as the food and energy crisis worsens, and that sanctions against Russia may be coming to an end.

On Friday, Henry Kissinger will turn 99. He served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to Presidents Nixon and Ford in the 1970s.

Monday, May 23, 2022

The practice of labelling persons as "traitors" should be discontinued: IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah has taken the right decision by barring the authorities from handing over  the journalists to other provinces. 

Honorable Chief Justice is right in saying that people should be careful labelling traitors to others. He added that those who had done so in the past suffered humiliation. 

The chief justice made these statements while hearing journalists Arshad Sharif, Sami Ibrahim, and anchorperson Dr. Moeed Pirzada's requests for protective bail.

The court requested reports from the provinces on the cases in notices to the interior and human rights secretaries.

I think time has come to stop the harassment of journalists in Pakistan. They are an important part of democratic system and their reporting help people assessing the situation prevailing the country and make decisions on the basis of their reports.

Persons who have filed cases against these journalists should be also be probed and asked why they have filed complaint against these journalists. 

All the cases have been lodged by ordinary persons in various parts of the country. It gives the impression that the state is not behind this, but we all know that who might have enticed and coursed these persons to lodge complaints. 

Honorable Justice have heard the case the case of the disappearance of blogger in the past. It was a case of enforced disappearance. Even the sitting person Imran Khan did not know what happened to him and seemed to be helpless. 

If we look at the report of Committee to Protect journalists(CPJ), it shocks us. It says that 70 journalists or media workers were shot dead or killed between 1992 to 2021 in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Reporters Without Borders calls Pakistan a dangerous place for journalists. 

Allies have agreed to take tough legal action if there is unrest in the country.

 The government has summoned police, FC and Rangers from other provinces to deal with the PTI's long march while sealing D Chowk with containers.

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered the federal police and government to complete the arrangement and warned that those who tried to create a law and order situation would be punished. 

Sources said that the government has called for heavy contingents of police from other provinces to deal with the long march, along with police, FC, and Rangers.

To stop the long march, police have blocked D-Chowk with containers and have sealed off the area.

Sources say that the government was also told not to stop the PTI's long march. As a result, the government and its allies agreed to let the PTI's long march continue as long as it didn't break the law. 

Party insiders say that former president Asif Ali Zardari was a key part of an agreement with allies that meant the PTI could only operate on the Srinagar Highway.

According to sources, the allies have agreed that if the PTI marches peacefully on the Srinagar Highway, no obstacles will be placed in its way.

 Allies have agreed to take tough legal action if there is unrest in the country.

The allies also agreed to take stern legal action in the event of chaos in the country. Today's important meeting of the government and the coalition parties will have further consultations on the PTI's long march.

The way the government is making preparations, it looks like they are preparing for a  confrontation with the PTI supporters. 

If the government and its allies have decided that they will allow the PTI to take out the procession, then why are they making such preparations. What is the need to request for the extra contingents of police and rangers from other provinces? 

The country is already feeling the effects of inflation and economic problems. Sensible Pakistanis expect from their leaders to pay attention to the crisis faced by the country instead of fighting each other. Confrontation will bring nothing but chaos

FIR filed against senior journalists for alleged criticism of "state institutions. All them are well-known and seasoned journalists. They won’t utter a word without a prove.

Journalists Imran Riaz Khan, Sabir Shakir, and Arshad Sharif have all been charged with insulting governmental institutions and inciting insurrection.

The FIRS was filed under the Pakistan Penal Code sections 131 (incitement to mutiny), 153 (incitement to rioting), 452 (terrorism), and 505 (statement inciting violence).

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued a warning on Monday against broadcasting information that tries to denigrate state institutions, the military, and the courts.

The PEMRA decision came after a similar warning on May 9, when it warned private electronic media not to broadcast anything critical of the military and courts.

According to a Pakistan Army official, the campaign involved some political leaders, journalists, and analysts making unsubstantiated, libelous, and aggressive statements and remarks on a variety of venues, including public forums and social networking sites. 

The question is: Who is behind this?

All them are well-known and seasoned journalists.  They won’t utter a word without a prove. 

Journalists and human rights activists have expressed concern about the trend, claiming that it is being used to curtail free expression and chill news reporting.

Pakistan is already in political turmoil. At this time this kind of action against some reputed journalist is not good for the image of the country. 

The goal and importance of journalism is to enlighten society with the information they need to live their lives. People require information in order to make decisions regarding many issues."

People look for information and news in a variety of places. News is broadcast on a variety of platforms, including radio, television, social media, news websites, and newspapers.

The world would be uneducated if journalism did not exist. Unfortunately, feudal mindset of leaders has always created problems for journalists in Pakistan. 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

At a time when the poor countries are facing crisis due to inflation and debt, Imran Khan has announced a long March towards Islamabad

At a time when the poor countries are facing crisis due to inflation and debt, Imran Khan has announced a long March towards Islamabad. 

I don’t know how PTI’s core committee has approved this course of action. Don’t they know that the countries across the globe are facing food shortage and prices of cooking oil and staple food is rising at an alarming rate. Currency values of countries from India to South of Africa 

Shortage of wheat has occurred because of the main two main exporters Russian and Ukraine. India which appears to be Imran Khan favorite country has imposed a ban on its wheat. 

New York Times have quoted International Recue Committed. According to IRC 14 million people could face starvation. 

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has predicted that Pakistan’s agricultural sector could adversely affected due to high prices and shortage of agricultural inputs.

Imran Khan’s threatening and belligerent tone in the press conference has sent a wave of fear among the sensible Pakistanis. He is openly challenging Pak Army, police and the government. 

He told the army to remain neutral. His remark indicated that he was still angry with the army.

"I also tell my army that you are neutral. You said that you are neutral. Stay neutral in this. I say again that this is for the integrity of this country and its independence. I would like to invite everyone including civil servants, families of soldiers and retired soldiers to come to Islamabad’, Imran said. 

Imran Khan and closed members of the party has built an anti-army and America narrative to hide their blunders and return to power. 

Pakistani like me knows that things can go out of control in Islamabad and could lead to a series crisis. 

Chewing fingernails : How can I break this habit?

One in ten adults bites their fingernails or cuticles. A dermatologist explains how to stop chewing and how to take good care of your hands.

According to Dr. Reinhard Mrotzek, a dermatologist, the cuticle's function is to protect the area where the nail grows. The skin guards against fungi and bacteria, preventing infection and inflammation. However, nail biting can compromise this natural defense and allow pathogens to enter. Then there is no longer any protection against detergents and cleaning agents."

In extreme cases, the entire nail can change. According to experts, it is also important to consider that saliva has a decomposing effect. Therefore, if you continue to place your fingers in your mouth, you risk severely damaging the skin. Consult a physician immediately if a change or inflammation develops.

If your cuticles cause you discomfort, you should never remove them. "If you really want to do something to your cuticles, you can gently push them back with a moist cotton swab," the dermatologist advises. He also recommends a regular bath in lukewarm olive oil: "The oil nourishes the skin surrounding the nail, preventing it from cracking." However, a moisturizing cream is also beneficial.

Brutal crackdown by the government could not deter people from coming out of their homes and heading towards Islamabad

 The government’s crackdown on PTI workers and supporters made it clear that they have decided to stop PTI’s Independence March at all cost....