Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Russia and Ukraine should revert to their pre-conflict borders, according to Kissinger.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry urged the West to quit trying to defeat Russian forces in Ukraine. 

Henry Kissinger warned that this would have long-term devastating ramifications for Europe's stability. 

According to "The Telegraph," he also urged that Ukraine be prepared to hand over a portion of its territory to Russia and return to its borders before the present conflict erupts.

Former US Secretary of State and architect of the Cold War rapprochement between the US and China, John Kerry, told Davos that getting carried away by the atmosphere of the moment and forgetting Russia's proper role in the European balance of power would be dangerous.

The war, according to Kissinger, should not be permitted to stretch on any longer. He also recommended that the West should exert influence over Ukraine and persuade it to accept parameters for negotiations that are quite different from its current war objectives.

Negotiations must begin within the next two months to avoid creating shocks and tensions that are difficult to resolve. He claims that continuing the war beyond this stage will result in a new war against Russia. Before the current conflict erupts, Kissinger believes Russia and Ukraine should return to their borders.

According to reports in the international press, Kissinger has urged Ukraine to make territorial concessions to Russia.
According to Kissinger, Russia has been an important component of Europe for 400 years, ensuring the European balance of power at vital times. 

European policymakers should keep this long-term relationship in mind and avoid pressuring Russia into a permanent partnership with China.

"I'm hoping the Ukrainians will combine their bravery with their intelligence," he remarked. He went on to say that Ukraine's rightful position is that of a neutral buffer state, not a European border.

According to The Telegraph, Kissinger's remark comes amid growing evidence that the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin is fraying as the food and energy crisis worsens, and that sanctions against Russia may be coming to an end.

On Friday, Henry Kissinger will turn 99. He served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to Presidents Nixon and Ford in the 1970s.

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