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Saturday, June 4, 2022

the Taliban asked India to reopen its embassy in Kabul

 An Indian delegation has arrived in Kabul to hold talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is the first meeting of an Indian delegation with the Taliban government since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the country's fall under Taliban rule, according to foreign media reports.

According to reports, Joint Secretary JP Singh of the Indian Foreign Ministry met with Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Mottaki yesterday.

Suhail Shaheen, the head of the Taliban's political office, said that during Thursday's talks with the Indian delegation, the Taliban asked India to reopen its embassy in Kabul. This was reported by the Hindu.

Diplomatic relations, trade, and humanitarian aid were also discussed during the meeting, according to an Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman.

During the visit, the Indian delegation is expected to review Indian aid to Afghanistan, according to reports.

India has donated 20,000 tons of wheat, 10 tons of medicines, 500,000 doses of the Corona virus vaccine, winter clothes, and other relief items to Afghanistan so far.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

India has been invited by the Taliban leadership to reopen its embassy in Kabul.

Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban's political office in Qatar, said in an interview with Afghan media that if India reopened its embassy in Kabul, its diplomats would be given full security. India should build relations with the Taliban government based on national and mutual interests, rather than with previous Afghan leaders.

According to Sohail Shaheen, the government is responsible for providing full protection to all foreign diplomats serving in Afghanistan. In Kabul, many embassies are operating, and they have been granted complete security. Indian embassies and diplomats will be protected as well. ۔

Sohail Shaheen stated that India would be welcome to finish or start new projects in Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban's UN envoy-designate, told The Times of India that the Afghan government was prepared to create a "safe environment" for the Indian embassy in Kabul, and that diplomatic presence was necessary for improving bilateral relations.

The remarks were made on the same day that the United Nations Security Council accepted a resolution to establish a formal presence in Afghanistan.

The resolution, which avoids the term Taliban, will permit the United Nations to continue its "vital" work in Afghanistan.

According to information obtained by The Indian Express, a team of security officials flew to Kabul in February to evaluate the situation on the ground.

According to sources, India is considering reopening its embassy in Afghanistan soon, although without top-level diplomatic representation.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Taliban will soon announce the inauguration of a secondary school for girls.

Afghan Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani told a foreign news outlet that the good news concerning the opening of girls' secondary schools would be released soon. "There isn't a single one of us who opposes women's education," he remarked.

According to the Afghan interior minister, girls in Afghanistan attend primary school, but the high school system is establishing mechanisms for girls to continue their education.

School uniforms must be in compliance with Afghan culture and Islamic rules and values for girls to pursue higher education, according to Sirajuddin Haqqani.

The Taliban closed schools and universities barely hours after they started in March of this year.

We all know that that after seizing power, the Taliban ordered women to wear hijab, which covers the head but allows the face to be seen. The Taliban, on the other hand, ordered women to wear full burqas beginning in May of this year.

It is too early to comment on Mr. Haqqani’s statement.  Are they doing this to please the international community? 

Do they seriously want to educate Afghan women and girls?

I personally think they should allow girls to continue their education. I am a Muslim and has allowed my girls to become doctors. 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Afghan women have opposed the Taliban's order to wear the burqa in public, calling it "imprisonment."

Afghan women have opposed the Taliban's order to wear the burqa in public, calling it "imprisonment."

It should be noted that this act of the Taliban is a violation of the promises made to the international community regarding 'easy government' after coming to power.

The decree issued by the Taliban leader emphasizes that women working in the government will be fired if they do not comply with the 'orders' issued by them, as well as if the employers If the daughters and wives of the men do not follow the orders then these men will also be fired.

UN officials in Afghanistan have condemned the order, saying it could raise further "concerns" between the Taliban and the international community.

As of Sunday, however, there were no signs of Kabul following the Taliban leader's orders, as several women were seen on the streets without their faces covered.

But in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, which is considered the center of the Taliban's real power and where Taliban leader and Taliban leader Hebatullah Akhundzada resides, women have been seen wearing burqas.

But since the return of the Taliban, they have imposed strict restrictions, including barring women from doing government work, obtaining matriculation and traveling alone outside their hometowns.

I think that the new decree would have a very negative impact on women's personal and working lives.

But Akhundzada's order  has also troubled many women to protect their male guardians.

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