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Monday, May 9, 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has already been in theaters for three days and has earned the Marvel Cinematic Universe's fourth highest opening weekend worldwide. The Benedict Cumberbatch-led film is a sequel to the 2016 film that introduced the MCU's first sorcerer.

Source: Marvel Studios

In 2016, Doctor Strange joined the Marvel Film University and swiftly rose to prominence as one of the most prominent characters. In Avengers: Infinity War, he played a pivotal role, and in the final Spider-Man, he effectively supplanted Tony Stark as Peter's mentor.

 At the same time, we didn't learn anything, with the exception of the first film on Stephen Strange. He never did anything but react to what happened. After six years, the continuation of his own story is finally here, and with it comes the chance to say a little more about this - even by Marvel Cinematic Universe standards - unusual character.

The film is directed by Sam Raimi, who rose to prominence after starring alongside Tobey Maguire in the Spider-Man trilogy.

The concept of the multiverse"  is the second thing we can finally learn more about due to the new comic book. The well-known comic-book motif slowly crept into the MCU. Many fans expected the universe to provide a means to destroy Thanos before the release of Avengers: End Game, therefore speculation about him began before the film.

Although it did not happen, the "multiverse" was seen in Spider-Man: Homeless. Only here did this concept become an official part of the MCU, albeit only in the form of characters from alternate universes visiting the main one. The new Doctor Strange is the first Marvel film in which the main protagonists travel to alternate realms.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set after the events of the previous comic Spider-Man: Homeless as well as the WandaVision series. Strangea has a bizarre, reoccurring nightmare, but she pays little heed to it. When Americas (Xochitl Gomez), the girl from his dream, appears in real life, everything changes. America has the capacity to roam freely between realities, which is why she is plagued by bizarre monsters attempting to revoke her power.

Wanda Maximoff, another extremely powerful superhero, will emerge from the efforts to resolve Strange's plight (Elizabeth Olsen). Those who have seen the trailers or at the very least the posters for the film have remarked that it looks different than Avengers: Endgame. The WandaVision series from last year expanded on her narrative.

For the first time, the MCU expects viewers to be familiar with not only the plots of prior films, but also the entire series. Otherwise, he'll have no idea how Wanda became Scarlet Witch, the character depicted in the upcoming film's posters. Wanda's intentions can only be understood if the audience is familiar with the series.

WandaVision is now officially a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result, it's not surprise that the series' events are linked to the film. There are nine half-hour to hourly episodes in the series. As a result, the overall viewing time is comparable to two medium-length Marvel films, which is not a significant time commitment.

However, it is no longer enough to see all of the Marvel pictures; we must also see the series if we are to completely comprehend what is happening in the new movie. In addition to WandaVision, Phase 4 of the MCU saw the release of the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye last year. Both include six pieces that are about hourly. This, along with VandaWision, is a significant amount of time to dedicate to the university. And the MCU is still growing with new movies.

He was always a fascinating protagonist.

Although Marvel University boasts a large number of superheroes, most of them fight in the same way. While someone fires energy blasts, more magical rays, and another throws lightning, the end result is usually devastation, super-powerful blows, and some iconic victory (or defeat).

In the instance of Doctor Strange, however, this is not the case. His battles have always been more unique. It's not all about space gates, mirrors, and other cool spells. Strange frequently manipulates space, time, and reality. His character brings something new to the MCU, which is especially evident in the new film Doctor Strange in a Multiverse of Madness. Strange must devise new strategies to deal with an adversary that is once again superior to him.

Even this, though, is not without flaws. Sam Raimi chose to give the film a minor scary feel while keeping it accessible to young audiences (officially in our country from the age of 12). On the screen, for example, we see Wanda or Strange, who resemble zombies but not to the extent that zombies should. Or witness ghosts that appear to be frightening but aren't. As a result, strange scenes startle a 12-year-old child while boring an adult.

Is it possible to be better than Spider-Man?

If you thought last year's Marvel movies were generally boring and unimaginative (and we agree), the new Strange will finally deliver.

The topic of whether he is better than the latest Spider-Man: Homeless is intriguing. We believe so. Although Spider-Man included a unique aspect in the form of actors from earlier Spider-Man films, it was otherwise a standard Marvel film in which numerous negatives had to be defeated.

Doctor Strange goes even further, offering a unique perspective on the entire universe and pushing it even further, making the "multiverse" a part of it.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Why do we like 'Bridgerton'?

“It's a textbook soap opera, with a stylish, modern look. An impeccable twist to the soap opera of a lifetime. Following the recipe patented by Shonda Rhimes, who has already shown with Scandal and Grey's Anatomy that she knows how to perfectly handle large casts where everyone (the audience) finds their own mirror. Series full of twists, cliffhangers (cliffhangers) and claptrap of all colors, more addictive than cocaine because they are the mother of all guilty pleasures: you can not stop watching them because you need to know what bullshit is going to happen next.


On any given Easter afternoon, Toni García Ramón, writer and journalist, responds in this way to the question of what he thinks of the  Bridgerton series . The question is tricky because the person asking has fervently consumed (and in record time) the series. 

With very positive results. They,  Bridgerton , have it all: sex, luxury, passion, nice clothes, little work... and the ability to make you want to continue chapter by chapter. Until the end. They live waiting to appear in the gossip magazine while we live hooked on the web of social networks. The Bridgertons are definitely another series to add to the list.Add and continue. And while the third season arrives, already promised by Netflix, we zap between platforms in search of another proposal to devour.

The first season of The Bridgerton achieved the title of the most watched English-language series in Netflix history, with 625 million hours watched in its first four weeks on the service. Because now, the audience is measured in hours viewed. How far is that from waiting for Sunday at 10 p.m. to see the Dallas chapter stuffed into 1,000 ads! (And how old is this phrase!). I don't watch much television anymore. Above all I consume series. "I have never watched television," adds the boy sitting next to me. "Only Grandma watches TV shows."

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Natalie Portman appears powerful in new poster of 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

 Powerful and stunning, Natalie Portman appears as Jane Foster's Thor in a new poster for 'Thor: Love and Thunder'. The actress released the poster on Wednesday (20) on social media and joked in the caption: “And you thought you were the one and only”.


The news comes a few days after the release of the  first teaser of the next film  focused on the God of Thunder, with lots of comedy,  Guns N 'Roses  and the participation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the big surprise was precisely the first real glimpse of Portman as the Mighty Thor.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' opens in theaters on July 7. See the new poster of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster's Thor :

Natalie Portman returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play the character in a new film directed by Taika Waititi. In fact, the filmmaker had previously mentioned that the film was the craziest production he has ever made, being quite different from 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

“I've done some crazy things in my life. I've lived, like, ten lives. But it's the craziest movie I've ever made," the director told He added that “if you wrote all the elements of this movie, it wouldn't make sense. It’s almost like it shouldn’t be done.”

'Thor: Love and Thunder' stars Chris Hemsworth and also features Tessa Thompson, Natali Christian Bale, Chris Pratt, Jaimie Alexander, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, Jeff Goldblum and Vin Diesel.

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