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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Repellants are effective insect deterrents

 The term "repellants" refers to various types of deterrents that work on specific animal species. Repellants are commonly used to repel insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. What types of repellants are there? Which of these will effectively repel ticks? We have compiled the most important repellant information.

What are repellents and how do they work?

All repellants (including chemicals) whose primary purpose is to deter specific animal species are considered repellants. We use them to prevent tick and mosquito bites, among other things. Repellents work on a variety of principles; for example, some repellants contain chemicals that cause an unpleasant odour in certain animals or irritate the respiratory system of insects.

Repellants, on the other hand, can be both animal-repelling sounds and physical obstacles, such as shiny aluminium foil that repels birds. One of the biological methods of protection is the use of repellants.

Types of insect repellents

The collection of insect-repelling agents includes, first and foremost, various types of chemical compounds:

aluminium mesh / foils, sound producing devices, creams, oils, aerosols, liquids

We mostly use repellants during the summer, when there are a lot of insects and their presence can be felt "on your own skin." Flies, mosquitoes, and ticks are the most commonly controlled animal species with repellants. Nonetheless, some repellants are used all year.

Repellants are classified into several types based on their origin. The first is made up of so-called natural repellants, which are substances found in nature. It contains a variety of essential oils, the exceptionally strong aroma of which acts as a deterrent to certain insect intruders. The most common essential oil repellants are eucalyptus oil (which is especially effective when combined with peppermint oil), lavender oil for bedbugs, and clove oil.

Insectivorous or insect repellent plants are also used as natural repellants. First and foremost, mosquito, basil, marigold, eucalyptus, mint, geraniums, vanilla, tomatoes, onions, lavender, elderberry, cloves, lemon, and wormwood are plants that can be grown on a balcony and thus act as a barrier against insects.

Another type of repellant is chemical agents. We include all agents, such as creams, sprays, lotions, sticky notes, and others, that have the ability to repel insects. Because of the wide variety of products available, it is important to note that chemical repellants can be classified based on their toxicity level. The least toxic are safe for human skin contact and can be applied directly to it.

The most effective repellants to repel ticks include:

Band for ticks - band soaked in oils is put on the wrist;

patches for ticks - a patch soaked in essential oils does not need to be glued to the body. You can stick it anywhere (on clothes, a backpack or a pram). The patches are less effective than sprays;

Sprays and aerosols for ticks - before a trip to the forest or a walk to the meadow, it is enough to spray yourself with a spray or aerosol that will scare away ticks.

Composition of repellants - what is DEET?

DEET is the short name for a chemical commonly used as one of the active ingredients of biocidal repellants . It is a measure of high efficiency and - unfortunately - low safety of use. When using repellants containing DEET , be especially careful in contact with eyes and skin.

DEET is a colorless or pale yellow liquid with an intense and irritating odor. It is easily soluble in water and reacts chemically with strong acids, bases and oxidants. In contact with insects, DEET works by irritating their sensory receptors, which in turn scares them away and repels them. In addition, DEET in contact with the skin blocks the action of one of the enzymes essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system (acetylcholinesterase). DEET therefore also acts as a neurotoxin.

DEET is mainly used to combat the presence of: ticks, flies , horse flies, bees and wasps , as well as many other types of stinging insects. It is scientifically proven to work - a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found it to be the most effective mosquito repellent.

Additional forms of protection against insects

If you want to protect yourself against insects, it is worth not only using natural or chemical repellants. Caring for your own clothes can also be effective. When going for a walk to a meadow with tall grass or to a forest - we also risk the possibility of contact with dangerous insects.

To some extent, long-sleeved clothes, socks with a strong ribbing and a hat will protect us from ticks and mosquitoes. In addition, after each trip to the bosom of nature, you should carefully examine the surface of your body, looking for insect intruders, and take a shower. It is also worth paying attention to the clothes - you should make sure that there are no ticks in its nooks and crannies.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Plants that repel mosquitoes - what varieties are worth planting on the balcony or window sill?

 Mosquitoes buzzing around us as we relax on the patio or in the garden are an annual annoyance during the spring and summer months. How can you combat them? I  can recommend plants that will efficiently repel these bloodsuckers.

Mosquitoes are a type of insect that can be found worldwide. There are currently 40 categories of mosquitos and over 3.5 thousand species.

How to avoid mosquito bites in the spring and summer?

To protect ourselves from mosquito bites while at the lake, river, or forest, we must remember to spray ourselves with specific preparations, which often leave a sticky film on the skin and have an unpleasant odour. When we wish to relax in the evening in our garden or on our terrace, however, we can skip using anti-mosquito sprays. Plants that can be planted in the location where we are staying will aid us in the fight against these insects.

What are the best insect repellents? Plants that will frighten them away

There are a number of plants that are effective at repelling mosquitoes. Planting a handful of them is a fantastic method to make the odours that are unpleasant to these insects more obvious. The mosquito, or coleus plectrum, is the most powerful mosquito repellent plant. It is a member of the Lyme family. This plant has nettle-like leaves with pale stripes running down the margins. It is not only efficient at repelling mosquitoes, but it is also pleasing to the eye. Other plants that will keep you free of flying mosquitoes and their bites are listed below.

List of mosquito repellent plants:

  • Tagetes,

  • Basil,

  1. Eucalyptus,

  • Geranium,

  1. Heliotrope,

  • Catnip,

  • Fennel,

  • Lavender,

  • Pepper mint,

  • Geranium,

  • Tomato,

  • Bignoniidae,

  • Thyme.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Can the tremendous exodus of young people from Facebook lead to the world's largest network's demise?

 The online giant Facebook experienced its first dip in active users in the last quarter of 2021. While the number of monthly users stayed unchanged, the number of daily users (known as DAU in Internet parlance) decreased by as much as one million.

Photo by Brett Jordan:

The number of daily users climbed slightly to 1.96 billion in the first quarter of 2022, although the market value of Meta (formerly Facebook) has been declining since September 2021.

Mark Sweney wrote in the that It was difficult to see Facebook closing with 2 billion registered members. But he added that we must not forget what happened to Second or MySpace. 

I agree with him. In my family, I still see teens using their Facebook accounts. 

Teens are using Snapchat and Tik Tok. It does not mean that the registered users of Facebook leaving it. They use Facebook to remain connected with their families and friends. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

On his Netflix show, comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked.

 In Los Angeles, Dave Chappelle (48) tells a few jokes. The audience erupts in laughter. But then something unexpected happens: a man storms the stage and attacks the American comedian!

On the Netflix Is A Joke live concert, Chappelle is seen being surprised by the attacker in a short footage that has gone viral.

From the left, a man leaps at him, throwing his entire body weight against the 1.83 m tall comedian and actor. He can't react fast enough to keep up with all that's going on.

Security forces are called to the scene right away. Chappelle even receives assistance from a coworker!

According to the "Daily Mail," actor, comedian, and musician Jamie Foxx (54), who was in the audience of the Hollywood Bowl wearing a cowboy hat, ran over to assist security in removing the man from the stage.

As soon as Chappelle regains consciousness following the shock, he attempts to defuse the situation by joking, "It was a trans man." Did anyone, however, think that amusing?

Because he was referencing to the uproar his comedy show "The Closer" sparked last year. He made fun of transgender people and horrified people by equating trans ladies to the racist depiction approach of blackfacing, among other things.

Comedian Chris Rock was among those who witnessed the attack and subsequently took the stage (57). "Was that Will Smith?" he couldn't help but wonder.

Because he had a similar experience at the Academy Awards. Will Smith (53), a Hollywood star, stormed the stage and slapped him across the face after he made fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's (50) circular hair loss.

Dave Chappelle later praised Jamie Foxx, saying, "Whenever you're in trouble, Jamie Foxx will turn up with a sheriff's cap," addressing his audience from the stage. And Foxx responded, " "That seemed to be a part of the show. I had no idea what was going on... We're not going to let anything bad happen to you."

Friday, April 29, 2022

Kate and William: 11 of marriage and the betrayal hypothesis

 On April 29, 2011 Kate Middleton and William got married in what was perhaps one of the most followed ceremonies, and broadcast to the whole world in worldwide. For 11 years, theirs was a dream wedding, but there were some shocks regarding an alleged betrayal against the Duchess.

Kate and William: marriage and betrayal

After the sumptuous royal wedding broadcast worldwide on April 29, 2011, Kate Middleton and Prince William have formed a splendid family thanks to the arrival of their three children. The only blemish on an otherwise perfect marriage (at least in appearance) would have been the alleged rapprochement between the Duke of Cambridge and another woman, the Marquise of Cholmondeley , Rose Hanbury , who is also a former model. Always close to the life of the Court, Rose Cholmondeley is a close friend of the duke and his family.

Their children grew up together and she and her husband would participate in numerous events related to the Royal family (and vice versa). During one of these Kate Middleton would have been seen arguing animatedly with William and, according to the hypotheses, it would have been the proximity of the duke to Rose to unleash the wrath of the duchess. Kate at the time was pregnant with her third child and, according to rumors of her, by her will Rose Cholmondeley would slowly disappear from the radar of court life.

Kate and William: Life at Court

Despite the hypotheses regarding the alleged betrayal, Kate and William have always maintained the appearance of a united and stable couple and many wonder what the life of the two will be like when he will be the new ruler of England.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The MQ-9 Reaper drones that the Polish Army wants to buy will be even more effective against ships

 It is not without reason that we are currently paying special attention to the MQ-9 Reaper drones by General Atomics, because in February we learned that the Polish Army wants to purchase these American UCAV (Unmanned Air Combat Systems). We still have to wait for the details of this purchase and although we do not know if it will not be left only on paper, it is still worth following how these "Reapers" are developing, who can now fly with modern Seaspray 7500E V2 radars from Leonardo.

Seaspray 7500E V2 radars have been successfully tested on board the MQ-9 Reaper drones

General Atomics Aeronautical announced that the first flight of the MQ-9A Reaper Block 5 drones took place on April 14, after integration with Leonardo Seaspray 7500E V2 radar stations. Thanks to them, drones have even better capabilities in the field of patrol and reconnaissance over sea areas, because they can detect enemy ships further (up to 592 km), with greater precision and in a much higher number.

This radar is the largest and most efficient in the Sea Spray AESA family and is not so much a separate model as an upgrade to the proven 7500E. It is equipped with modernized technology to meet the changing requirements of reconnaissance, observation and reconnaissance missions in the aquatic environment. No wonder the plans also include integrating this radar with the MQ-9B SeaGuardian..

As we wrote earlier, the MQ-9 A Reaper drone is a cult and well-known UCAV all over the world, the history of which dates back to 1998. Its tasks include, above all, the implementation of reconnaissance and intelligence missions thanks to its advanced observation systems.

Of course, however, it was not the observation systems that made him hit the headlines more than once, because it owes its impressive capacity to carry over 1000 kilograms of weapons suspended on a total of seven underwing knots, such as laser-guided bombs or missiles of all kinds.

The maximum speed of 482 km / h and the range of 5,900 km is also impressive, with the possibility of entering a ceiling of 15,200 meters and staying in flight for up to 28 hours. These features clearly show the great strategic potential of this combat drone, which the crews of ships belonging to the group of potential enemies of the US should now fear more. Example? China, whose fleet is growing every month, or Russia, because it's ... Russia

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Common mistakes that can damage your car quickly

For most people, a car is like a member of the household because we spend a lot of money on it so that it will be fine in every way.

But ignorance of various things leads to mistakes that can be easily avoided.

You may also be making mistakes that could force your car to retire early.

Avoiding these mistakes can help keep the car in good condition for a long time.

Focus on cleanliness

It is very important to clean the car so that it always looks good. But most people ignore cleaning

Dirt and moisture on the outside of the vehicle can damage its paint, which can cause stains that are very difficult to remove.

Similarly, non-clean filters inside the car make the air dangerous for breathing as it increases the levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air.

Ignoring windshield wipers

People often forget the windshield wipers when washing the car, although they are very important to see the inside and outside of the car properly, especially in rainy weather.

The accumulation of dirt and grime in the wiper blades can cause scratches on the glass which reduces the value of the car and also affects the beauty.

Too much petrol

Most people have a habit of filling their car with too much petrol, which is more than the amount recommended by the companies.

People do this to reduce fuel consumption but this habit can be costly, while it is also detrimental to environmental health and the beauty of the vehicle.

Speeding in potholes

It is common to drive fast in potholes or broken sections on the road, whatever the reason.

But doing so can be detrimental to both the car and your pocket.

This is because doing so can affect not only the balance and alignment of the vehicle but also the suspension, bodywork, wheels and wheels.

Do not look at the underside of the vehicle

Every part of your car is important, that is, what is visible and what is not.

Excessive amounts of dirt, water, salt, sand and various other items can damage the interior of the vehicle.

This part can be protected from dirt and moisture with the help of special lubricant.

Not providing protection from the weather

Although it is not always possible to protect the interior of the vehicle from ultraviolet rays, rain, but it is possible to use covers that allow air to pass through and protect the exterior of the vehicle.

It also makes it possible to avoid stains on car paint and the interior stays fresh for a long time.

Wrong way to clean windshield

Use windshield cleaning products designed specifically for automobiles, such as microfiber cloths and distilled water.

Do not use the vehicle for a long time

Sometimes it is not possible to use the car for a while, but remember that the movement of the car is as important as our body.

If you are going out somewhere and the car will not be used for more than a month, it is better to give it to a trusted person who will charge it by starring it at least once a week.

Doing so will keep the engine running smoothly and the battery will recharge while don't forget to check the tire pressure on return.

Trying to save money with a cheap battery

Many times people choose cheaper things like batteries to save money on car repairs.

People think that they have bought cheap battery which has saved a lot but on long term basis it can be harmful.

That's why buy a good brand of battery, even if it is a little expensive, or follow the advice of the car manufacturer.


Monday, March 28, 2022

Fear of a nuclear escalation, Biden creates the Tiger Team to enter Putin's mind

 A group of super experts supports Washington to prevent the Russians' moves and to understand in advance the intention to use unconventional weapons

A small top secret group to identify the most appropriate responses to Vladimir Putin's moves, from the possible use of chemical , biological and nuclear weapons to an expansion of the conflict beyond Ukraine.

After playing a central role in defining the sanctions against Moscow, the Tiger Team strongly wanted by Joe Biden is now practicing in trying to prevent the Russian president and, above all, on how to respond to his actions.

In meetings held three times a week , the experts chosen by the White House carefully examine the events and their possible evolutions, with the aim also of setting the ' red line ' for the use of NATO military force in Ukraine. A threshold not yet identified and it is not clear whether it can be crossed with the Russian president's possible use of the most frightening weapons, chemical or nuclear ones.

The Tiger Team's assessments , however, also go beyond the battlefield scenarios, and go so far as to try to find answers to the refugee emergency , the security needs of the American embassy in Kiev and the dangers of a cyberattack .

The team also includes officials committed to examining the long-term opportunities the invasion of Russia offers the United States to improve its geopolitical position .

Inside the White House, the mantra that repeats itself is that Putin has committed a huge strategic mistake , capable of reducing the weight of Russia on a global level and alienating possible allies to the country for years.

While looking ahead, the Tiger Team devotes most of its efforts to trying to get inside Putin's head and understand how he will move.

Frustrated by the progress of his military campaign and determined to prove that his armed forces are still scary, the Tsar appears at this time particularly difficult to decipher . And this represents one of the biggest problems of the team.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Turkish drones in Ukraine showed the war of the future. Bayraktar TB2 do enormous damage

 The Bayraktar TB2 drones, produced by the Turkish arms concern Baykar Makina, are nothing new in the military world. Information about them has been reaching us for a long time, but only now, in the face of the war in Ukraine, it turned out in practice what they really can do. In short? A lot, because their combat potential is invaluable, and although it is difficult to admire killing tools, against the background of Poland's growing interest in flying drones , it is good to know what weapons our country will use.

UAV and UCAV are the future. I am talking about unmanned flying drones

Although UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in themselves, or "in Polish" UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are nothing new, this is the first conflict on such a scale, which more than shows us how the war of the future. Turkish drones in Ukraine show how devastating it is to combine modern technology with bravado, which, unlike pilots fighting for their lives, there is no shortage of operators who are located in a safe place many hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away. As a result, military missions can be bolder and to a greater extent

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by remote-controlled flying drones used in the military. The very fact that thanks to them you can completely get rid of the risk of death of a pilot trained for years, was always on the first place in my private list of the main advantages of UAVs. In recent years, I have noticed that what used to be only the domain of the USA (see MQ-9 Reaper) has become one of the main trends in the development of the arms industry.

More and more companies realized that the military equipment of the "future" is automated, and above all, unmanned equipment, but with appropriate systems that are able to replace human personnel "on site" with those who are in the operating station and still have a connection with hardware. However, one cannot forget about the great risk of such automation. You can read more about it in my previous post: automated lethal weapons can shake the world. We need regulations and prohibitions .

Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones in Ukraine confirmed the huge role of unmanned flying systems in the conflict
Recordings of the Bayraktar TB2 drone in action are regularly uploaded to the network. Admittedly, it is usually "only" a view from on-board systems, but it is still a lot, because we can see at a glance what a properly conducted surprise attack can do. Sounds ridiculous? Probably yes, because apparently although Russia has much more powerful aviation and anti-aircraft systems, the drones in the service of Ukraine manage to threaten the aggressor's ground troops.

Also read: Is there a pilot flying with us? When will autonomous passenger planes appear?

In practice, we know everything about Bayraktar TB2. These are unmanned MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) class drones with a length of 6.5 meters and a wingspan of 12 meters, whose 300-liter fuel reserve allows you to stay in the air for up to 27 hours or fly up to 150 km. They soar up to 8,200 meters and reach speeds of up to 220 km / h thanks to a single Rotax 912 iS engine with 100 horsepower.

Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2, Bayraktar TB2,
Although their role is reduced to reconnaissance, the Bayraktar TB2 can also attack the enemy if necessary. This is done primarily by guided, soaring MAM-L anti-tank missiles with a range of up to 8 km from the drone, which are aimed at the target thanks to a semi-active laser guidance system. In addition, they can fly with MAM-C gliding missiles with universal warheads that are able to penetrate up to 200 mm of RHA steel and hit targets up to 20 meters from the place of impact with shrapnel. Each drone can fly with four missiles suspended under its wings at the same time.

Read also: [Update] What has Ukraine received from its allies? Weapons are among the huge supplies of ammunition and personal defense equipment

When it comes to the use of Bayraktar TB2 in Ukraine, these drones went into the hands of the local air force in the number of 12 copies, which from 2019 were mainly rearmed. However, the contract also included a license that Ukraine received from Baykar Makina, under which another 48 drones were to be built by 2022, thanks to the domestic defense industry. One thing is certain - the more Ukraine has Bayraktar TB2, the better, because their role seems to be invaluable.

On the web, we can watch at least a few recordings of the Bayraktar TB2 attack on Russian troops, and more precisely, vehicles of all kinds. Here and here you can watch how it destroys the 9K37 Buk surface-to-air missile system, causing a massive explosion of ammunition inside the launchers. At this link , you can see its effectiveness in destroying the Russian column of vehicles - the transport was probably chosen with the thought that the explosion would blow up the ammunition that could have been on it.

Each of the successful attacks by Bayraktar TB2 is tantamount to slowing Russia's invasion of Ukraine and saving more lives, although usually at the cost of the lives of "the bad guys". You can see a great example of this here and it is worth watching this video several times and consider whether the Russians really treat Ukraine seriously, or whether they think that they are safe, as they set up transport cars as if they were asking for their destruction with one customs clearance volley. However, I am not remaining idle for the threat posed by Bayraktar TB2, because what you can see below is probably a successful knocking down of one of them:

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