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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Despite harsh sanctions and boycotts, demand for Russian oil is growing

According to reports, India is attempting to make fresh crude-oil deals with Russia, but Russia's oil giant Rosneft does not have any spare oil.

Rosneft, the Russian oil giant, is delaying the signing of new six-month contracts with two Indian state refineries.

Reuters says Rosneft is "non-committal" on the negotiations because it does not have excess volumes to sell.

Rosneft, the Russian oil giant, does not appear to be short of clients.

Reports indicate that demand for Russian oil is growing despite harsh sanctions and boycotts imposed on the country as a result of its invasion of Ukraine.

Indian refiners have been among those who have snatched up Russian oil at deep discounts in order to relocate supply. However, Indian sources told Reuters that Russian oil is no longer being offered at deep discounts, especially as insurance and freight costs have risen.

On the spot market, India can still buy Russian crude, but it will be more expensive than longer-term contracts. Russia's oil has also been snapped up by China. Russia's actions in Ukraine have been denounced by neither country.

Russia has expanded shipments out of the important port of Kozmino in the east of the nation by roughly 20% to fulfil Asian demand, according to Reuters.

Russia's energy exports are keeping the country solvent in the face of international trade sanctions, as oil prices have risen by about 50% this year.

 According to Bloomberg Economics, Moscow might still earn $800 million per day from oil and gas profits this year. This is a 20% increase above the country's oil and gas revenues in 2021.

Rosneft, the state-owned oil company, reported record profits in 2021 and plans to pay out record dividends to shareholders.

How did the Pakistani actress get selected for the role of "Miss Marvel"?

 The series 'Miss Marvel,' starring Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Villani, will premiere on June 8.

This will be the first time Marvel has featured a superhero who was born in Pakistan.

But how did Iman Velani, who is 19 years old, land the role of Marvel superhero Kamala Khan? 

When a relative forwarded a WhatsApp message to Iman Velani in February 2020, she learned about Marvel's search for Kamala Khan's role in Miss Marvel.

Iman Velani initially mistook this message for a hoax, but the actress, who enjoys comic books, soon realized that it was all about casting.

After this realization, Iman Velani recorded a video of the audition that she didn't like.

"I thought, 'Well, I can't do that,'" she said. I was attempting to justify my fear of failure, but I realized that I shouldn't give up without giving it my all. "I sent that audition video at 3 a.m.," she says. I got a call two days later.

Then, Iman Villani went to Los Angeles to meet with casting director Sarah Finn. His screen test was done on Zoom because of the Corona epidemic.

Interestingly, on her last day of high school, she was cast as Miss Marvel.

Miss Marvel was supposed to come out last year, but the Corona outbreak made that impossible.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Two brave girls of Karachi fight against land mafia

Source : ARY News

Karachi: It is very difficult to speak out against the rule of Occupy Mafia in Quaid-e-Azam city.

But Syeda Maria Raza and Noorin Nazli are two brave women of Karachi who have been raising awareness of revolt against this mafia everywhere from the Supreme Court to the district administration for the last six years.

Syeda Maria Raza, an IT student and Noorin Nazli, a teacher in a private school, came to Gulshan-e-Iqbal in 2014 after the most difficult journey to government institutions and court. Also faced.

An investigation into the matter revealed that the area's drain was ruled by the Occupy Mafia, against which Maria Raza decided to appear in court in person, after which she, along with her colleague Noorin Nazli, took a stand against the Occupy Mafia. ۔

Noreen Nazli's story is similar. Noreen is a resident of German Colony area of Orangi Town. 

Noorin Nazli is also fighting her own case in the courts due to lack of lawyer's fees. According to Noorin, the court rules in her favor but various government agencies are obstructing its implementation.

The resistance of these two women against the land mafia is a sign that a story of determination can be told for their rights without fear of any powerful mafia

Monday, June 6, 2022

Significant increase in the price of flour, milk and bread after petrol became more expensive

Following the increase in the price of gasoline, there is also a significant increase in the price of flour, milk, and bread.

In Karachi, residents are protesting against inflation. White Star (photo)

Following the tremendous increase in the costs of wheat, cooking oil, rice, electricity, gas, fuel, and petrol throughout the country, another inflation bomb has been unleashed on the already battered populace.

The prices of important breakfast foods have been raised by dairy stakeholders and bread producers.

For those whose wages are either stagnant or have fallen over the last few years, the trend of rising costs of vital commodities is especially unpleasant.

On Sunday, dairy farmers and milk retailers agreed to raise the price of milk by Rs 20 per liter, raising the cost of fresh milk to Rs 170 per liter. Yogurt will now cost Rs 280 per kilogram, up from Rs 240 previously.
Dairy producers and milk merchants, on the other hand, are blaming each other for price increases, which is producing problems for customers.

The cost of double bread and bakery items is likewise high.

According to Haroon Iqbal Sheikh, General Secretary of the Karachi Bread Association, the group has decided to raise bread and other commodities' costs by 16 to 17 percent in the first phase, which will begin on June 10.

He explained that the decision was made in light of a 35-40% increase in production costs over the previous six months.

He stated that, following a further increase in diesel prices of Rs. 30 per litre, as well as increases in power and gas prices, we may hike prices by another 10 to 15% in July and August due to increased manufacturing costs.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Changan Oshan X7

 The Changan Oshan X7 is the second passenger vehicle to be introduced in partnership with Pakistan's Master Motors and China's Changan, according to Pak Wheels.

The vehicle will be offered in two distinct configurations: Oshan X7 Comfort and Oshan X7 Future Sense.

Source: Changan

The Future Sense will have 5 seats, while the Comfort model will have 7 seats.

Both models are equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that generates 185 horsepower and 300 Newton-meters of torque.

The vehicle is equipped with a 7-speed DCT automatic transmission.

There are LED headlights and daytime running lights on the vehicle's front end, which is quite large and has a sporty appearance.

The 5-seater model's tailgate is powered, whereas the 7-seater model's tailgate must be opened manually.

In contrast to the comfort model, the Future Sense has an adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts the speed in response to the vehicle in front.

Comparatively, the Future Sense model has a real-time 360-degree view camera, whereas the other model only has a rear camera.

The Future Sense model also includes a collision warning function that can record up to 30 seconds of video from a dashboard camera.

In addition to automatic emergency braking, the Future Suns model has radar mounted on the front grille for these safety features, whereas the other model lacks this radar.

Changan Future Sense

Changan Oshan X 7

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Yamaha Pakistan raises motorcycle prices

 Yamaha, a multinational motorcycle manufacturer, has increased the price of motorcycles in Pakistan for the third year in a row.

The company has raised prices for the third time this year - Photo: Yamaha Pakistan

Yamaha increased motorcycle prices by Rs 10,000 to Rs 13,000 in February of this year, followed by another increase in April.

The company raised the price of bikes for the third time in the last six months in early June, and this time it increased not only Rs 15,000 but also Rs 21,000 to Rs 23,000 at the same time.

The new price of the YBR 125 will now be Rs 255,000, according to the company's website, after a Rs 23,000 increase.

Similarly, the price of YBR 125G also increased by Rs 23,000 to Rs 268,500.

Another of the company's best-selling bikes, the YB125ZDX, received a 22,500 price increase, bringing its new price to 248,500.

The price of Yamaha's 'YB125Z' motorcycle has also gone up by Rs 21,000 to Rs 231,500, and the bike is only available in two colors: black and red.

In addition, all other bikes will come in three colors: red, black, and blue, and their design will change slightly.

Yamaha has increased the price of motorcycles, as has Honda, and other manufacturers have done so as well.

Aside from bikes, car prices have recently risen, and it is expected that they will rise even more in the coming weeks.

the Taliban asked India to reopen its embassy in Kabul

 An Indian delegation has arrived in Kabul to hold talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is the first meeting of an Indian delegation with the Taliban government since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the country's fall under Taliban rule, according to foreign media reports.

According to reports, Joint Secretary JP Singh of the Indian Foreign Ministry met with Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Mottaki yesterday.

Suhail Shaheen, the head of the Taliban's political office, said that during Thursday's talks with the Indian delegation, the Taliban asked India to reopen its embassy in Kabul. This was reported by the Hindu.

Diplomatic relations, trade, and humanitarian aid were also discussed during the meeting, according to an Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman.

During the visit, the Indian delegation is expected to review Indian aid to Afghanistan, according to reports.

India has donated 20,000 tons of wheat, 10 tons of medicines, 500,000 doses of the Corona virus vaccine, winter clothes, and other relief items to Afghanistan so far.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A free trade agreement between UAE and Israel has been signed. Pakistan should also establish relations with Israel

A free trade agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel has been signed.

The agreement, according to UAE Ambassador Mohammed Al-Khawaja, is "unprecedented." Mohammed Al-Khawaja is pictured in this photo. Twitter

The United Arab Emirates and Israel have signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) aimed at increasing trade between the two Middle Eastern countries.

The agreement was concluded after months of negotiations, according to a report by the international news agency 'Reuters.'

"The UAE and Israel will sign the FTA in the next hour," Israel's ambassador to the UAE, Amir Hayek, wrote on Twitter. '

The deal was described as a "exceptional success" by UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohammed al-Khawaja.

"Both countries will gain from reduced tariffs and quicker access to the business market. The two countries are cooperating to expand commerce, create jobs, develop new capabilities, and improve cooperation "He expressed himself.

UAE The trade deal clarified tax rates, intellectual property, and imports, according to Dorian Barak, president of the Israel Business Council, encouraging Israeli companies to establish operations in the UAE, particularly in Dubai.

Approximately 1,000 Israeli enterprises are expected to operate in the UAE or through South Asia, the Far East, and the Middle East, according to the council.

"The local market does not provide full opportunities," Dorian Barak told Reuters, "therefore this potential will be found only in Dubai, where many enterprises will be able to expand."

The Israeli Ministry of Economy stated prior to the signing of the deal that tariffs on food, agriculture, cosmetics, medical equipment, and medications would be eliminated.

"Together, we can put an end to the resistance and encourage large-scale trade and technology. The deal will pave the way for a more united front "Orna Barbie, Israel's Economy and Industry Minister, said as much.

Pakistan should also establish relations with Israel.

Neither Allah nor the Prophet has ordered not to establish relations with Jews.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

How Nawaz saved Pakistan and Silenced BJP war mongers in India in 1998

(Copied and translated from the Facebook Post of Saulat Bhai)

I was among those who believed that Pakistan should not retaliate carrying our nuclear explosions.  

The US President Clinton had called Prime Minister Nawaz several times and offered him five billion dollars officially

 I thought that this offer should be accepted by the government to improve the economy. 

The world knows that we have atomic bomb. What would we get carrying out the atomic explosion? 

I was watching an Indian channel on a dish at home on May 5, 1998.  It was showing live telecast of Lok Sabha. L K Advani and Vajpayee were making speeches. They were in the government.  They were making claims that they would wipe out Pakistan with their atomic bombs. 

I thought why they were fiery speeches when they had carried out the nuclear explosion. It  will only increase tension between the two countries. Why were they trying to make Pakistan angry?

Pranab Mukherjee was in opposition at the time and he was on crutches due to an accident. He got up and went out and came back in ten minutes.  He asked for the floor. He said that he had just listened BBC broadcast which said that Pakistan had carried out six nuclear explosions.  His words silenced the whole parliament floor. 

 Vajpayee Gee and Advani Gee immediately went out after hearing this and came back after a while and offered to live in peace with Pakistan in their speeches.  Long live Pakistan! And long live Nawaz Sharif!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Asrar Ahmed, a prolific fiction novelist wrote under the name Ibn-e-Safi.

by Nazeha Maryam Jamal

 Today, I want to introduce you all to one of my favorite authors of all time. He is the person other than J.K Rowling that made me fall in love with reading. I would read his books non-stop through the night, never realizing when the sun came up. My sister and I used to read it under the covers and then get scolded by Amma, ‘Beta ankhain kharab hojaien gi.’  

Asrar Ahmed, a prolific fiction novelist wrote under the name Ibn-e-Safi. His most famous works which are shown in the picture are Jasoosi Dunya and Imran Series. According to Wikipedia, he started writing detective stories in response to someone claiming in a literary meeting that Urdu literature had little scope for anything except sexual themes (Standing ovation for this Gen Z energy). 

Jasoosi Dunya and Imran Series 125 and 120 parts each. These novels are laced with action, mystery, and adventure and a whole lot crime-solving. Humor is also one of the most key aspects and Ibn-e-Safi used it as a tool to make his characters feel approachable and somewhat closer to the audience. The leads of his novels Inspector Fareedi, Sergeant Hameed (Jasoosi Dunya) and Ali Imran through bravery, quick-wittiness, intelligence and daredevilry garnered immense praise and adulation from people across South Asia.  

Ibn-e-Safi's storytelling is impeccable. Keep in mind that he started writing them in the 1950s so the level of technology, sci-fi, and villains he depicts leaves you in awe. They are for every generation basically. I always read his forewords as they are hilarious. He is used to reply to fan-mail in them and according to me like Ghalib ke khatoot, these gems should also be compiled. He had a way of winning your heart with witty remarks and funny anecdotes. His books are a part of my family legacy and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

If Imran Khan come back, he will destroy Pakistan : Javed Chaudhry writes in his column

 Imran Khan and his Tigers are also seeking a return to power. They believe that power is their birthright and that the state should return it to them in a tray.

In addition, they receive the Election Commissioner of their choosing, the Election Dates of their choosing, the Electronic voting machines of their choosing, the Constituencies of their choosing, the Electorals of their choosing, the Polling Time of their choosing, and the votes of the immigrants of their choosing.

What will Imran Khan do if he regains the office of prime minister with a two-thirds majority after all of his opponents have been jailed and imprisoned? I believe he will become of Bashar al-Assad.

 Imran Khan I know and the pattern of administration I have observed over the past three and a half years leads me to believe that Imran Khan is unhappy with parliamentary democracy. The NGOs view senators and representatives as blackmailers. They believe that these individuals create organizations and exert pressure on the government.

Imran Khan was not pleased to meet and shake hands with him, so as soon as he obtains a two-thirds majority, he will switch to a presidential form of government, amend the constitution, and make the president a source of authority. They will do it directly and, like the president of the United States, they will appoint anybody they want to the position of minister and remove whoever they want at any time.

After the reform in the constitution, he will ascend from prime minister to president and then appoint specialists such as Shahbaz Gul to his cabinet. Imran Khan is also dissatisfied with the Supreme Court. The money laundering of 24 billion rupees and the ownership of apartments worth billions of rupees in London result in the election of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. They are not even pleased with the Chief Justice and the judges' tenure. In his private discussions, Judge Faiz Issa regularly makes references to this matter.

It is evident that our administration has been unable to reach a rational conclusion regarding the presidential reference of Justice Faiz Issa; hence, they will alter the system of appointment and appointment of judges and assume the authority to appoint the Chief Justice. It will dismiss without reference any judge like Bashar al-Assad. Imran Khan is dissatisfied with the Army's tenure. 

Express News

Brutality shown by Punjab and Sindh Police has shocked Pakistan

Peaceful protest is the right of every Pakistani citizen.  However, this right has been taken away the current government. People called them dictators on the social media.

Brutality shown by Punjab and Sindh Police has shocked Pakistan. We all saw how they sprung upon peaceful protestors in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. 

Pakistan, an Islamic state, has a long history of torture and police brutality. 

Pakistanis showed their anger on the social media and demanded that policemen an officers should be suspended and prosecuted for their brutal action. 

We all saw how police forcibility entered PTI members’ houses and tortured family members including women and girls. 

 People are also shocked at the human rights organizations in Pakistan. They complained they have not uttered a word on the brutality of Punjab Police.

People wrote on social media that the brutal police action is unacceptable and called the current a fascist government and wanted it go. 

A twitter user commented that Punjab Police was waiting for their original boss to unleash their brutality. 

Some users commented this Pakistan or Jammu Kashmir.

A large number of people wrote on Twitter and demand that 220 million look to the Supreme Court and appeal to the honorable court to take immediate action on the brutality shown by the Police in the entire Punjab.

According to media reports two peaceful protestors have been killed in Karachi and one in Punjab. Police arrested women protestors with their kids. 

People demanded Imran Khan showed must take action against the people who ordered Punjab Police to taken such a brutal action. 

Some twitter users said that Police reform is needed. Yes, it is needed. Unfortunately, PTI government did not do that when they were in power. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Neutrals mediate in government and PTI talks for economic stability: Asks PTI to return to assemblies for discussing electoral reforms and care taker administration

Neutrals (Army) had vowed to maintain their impartiality on political concerns. 

There are reports that Imran Khan has been advised by neutrals (army) that If they want elections, they should approach parliament and negotiate with the government. The army is concerned about the economic crisis faced by the country and wants to save the country from economic crisis. These reports clearly indicated that political crisis created by our civilians leaders forced the army to step in. 

Imran Khan has been urging neutrals to back him.

According to credible sources, independent groups have been in contact with government and opposition members in recent weeks to ensure the success of IMF negotiations. It was reported by the Daily 

Who are these independent groups? 

In my opinion they might be members of the business community are concerned about the political crisis in the country and they feel that confrontation between the PTI and the government will only aggravate Pakistan’s economic woes. 

They wanted the government and opposition to reassess their political judgments in light of the country's dire economic.

News reports says that some party officials approached Imran Khan and requested him to delay his Islamabad march until the conclusion of negotiations with the IMF was known.

Imran Khan first postponed a decision regarding the announcement of the march, but eventually provided the date of May 25 and referred to it as the genuine independence march.

In the meantime, the impartial agencies contacted the two sides on Tuesday night, requesting that they meet and address the political issue, which has exacerbated the country's political and economic instability.

On Wednesday morning, both parties met. The coalition government was represented by Yousuf Raza Gilani, Ayaz Sadiq, Ahsan Iqbal, Malik Muhammad Khan, Asad Mehmood, and Faisal Sabzwari, while the PTI was represented by Pervez Khattak, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and Asad Umar.

It was the first round of negotiations, and there was no breakthrough; nonetheless, it is anticipated that the two parties would meet again, this time mediated by third parties.

According to a PTI source close to the Establishment, neutral bodies advised Imran Khan to address his grievances directly with the coalition government.

It is anticipated that the next round of negotiations between the administration and the PTI would center on the PTI rescinding its resignation and returning to the Assembly so that a unanimous consensus may be reached in Parliament on the following matters:

1) Electoral changes, 2) Election date and creation of a caretaker administration. All political choices are to be decided by politicians themselves, according to PTI.


PTI and Imran Khan never made an effort to reform Punjab Police. Now we witnessing Punjab Police's brutality

 We are witnessing police brutality again because #PTI and Imran Khan never made an effort to reform Punjab Police. Like the PMLN government, they also used the police force for their personal things. 

PTI leaders, workers, and activists are lamenting the police brutality in Punjab.

Punjab was under the control of the PTI for three years. They did not attempt to reform the Punjab Police; instead, they exploited them by transferring and posting officers. According to Rauf Klasra's video, 3000 transfers were made for 450 positions in Punjab. 

Imagine how much money the PTI leaders made through these transfers. 

Pakistanis will be interesting to note PTI changed 6 inspector generals of Police and 7 chief secretaries during their rule. 

Nasir Durrani, a well-known and respected figure, was appointed chairman of the Punjab Police Reforms Commission to improve the province's police force. He left the job, however, after realizing that the government was not as committed to reform as it was in KP.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Brutal crackdown by the government could not deter people from coming out of their homes and heading towards Islamabad

 The government’s crackdown on PTI workers and supporters made it clear that they have decided to stop PTI’s Independence March at all cost. News reports say more than 1,000 PTO workers and activists have been arrested. 

The government has called in the Rangers to maintain law and order in Islamabad and other major cities of the country, including Karachi.

All entrances and exits to and from Islamabad were shut down, as was traffic between Lahore and the Twin Cities.

The government has also instructed transport companies not to offer buses, cars, or vans to PTI workers.

The manner in which Shahbaz and its allies are using state apparatus to prevent people from participating in the march is not acceptable. 

The #WeAreComingKaptaan hashtag tells us that brutal crackdown by the government could not deter people from coming out of their homes and heading towards Islamabad. 

Look what this government is doing spreading broken glasses on the road. 

Monday, May 23, 2022

The practice of labelling persons as "traitors" should be discontinued: IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah has taken the right decision by barring the authorities from handing over  the journalists to other provinces. 

Honorable Chief Justice is right in saying that people should be careful labelling traitors to others. He added that those who had done so in the past suffered humiliation. 

The chief justice made these statements while hearing journalists Arshad Sharif, Sami Ibrahim, and anchorperson Dr. Moeed Pirzada's requests for protective bail.

The court requested reports from the provinces on the cases in notices to the interior and human rights secretaries.

I think time has come to stop the harassment of journalists in Pakistan. They are an important part of democratic system and their reporting help people assessing the situation prevailing the country and make decisions on the basis of their reports.

Persons who have filed cases against these journalists should be also be probed and asked why they have filed complaint against these journalists. 

All the cases have been lodged by ordinary persons in various parts of the country. It gives the impression that the state is not behind this, but we all know that who might have enticed and coursed these persons to lodge complaints. 

Honorable Justice have heard the case the case of the disappearance of blogger in the past. It was a case of enforced disappearance. Even the sitting person Imran Khan did not know what happened to him and seemed to be helpless. 

If we look at the report of Committee to Protect journalists(CPJ), it shocks us. It says that 70 journalists or media workers were shot dead or killed between 1992 to 2021 in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Reporters Without Borders calls Pakistan a dangerous place for journalists. 

Allies have agreed to take tough legal action if there is unrest in the country.

 The government has summoned police, FC and Rangers from other provinces to deal with the PTI's long march while sealing D Chowk with containers.

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered the federal police and government to complete the arrangement and warned that those who tried to create a law and order situation would be punished. 

Sources said that the government has called for heavy contingents of police from other provinces to deal with the long march, along with police, FC, and Rangers.

To stop the long march, police have blocked D-Chowk with containers and have sealed off the area.

Sources say that the government was also told not to stop the PTI's long march. As a result, the government and its allies agreed to let the PTI's long march continue as long as it didn't break the law. 

Party insiders say that former president Asif Ali Zardari was a key part of an agreement with allies that meant the PTI could only operate on the Srinagar Highway.

According to sources, the allies have agreed that if the PTI marches peacefully on the Srinagar Highway, no obstacles will be placed in its way.

 Allies have agreed to take tough legal action if there is unrest in the country.

The allies also agreed to take stern legal action in the event of chaos in the country. Today's important meeting of the government and the coalition parties will have further consultations on the PTI's long march.

The way the government is making preparations, it looks like they are preparing for a  confrontation with the PTI supporters. 

If the government and its allies have decided that they will allow the PTI to take out the procession, then why are they making such preparations. What is the need to request for the extra contingents of police and rangers from other provinces? 

The country is already feeling the effects of inflation and economic problems. Sensible Pakistanis expect from their leaders to pay attention to the crisis faced by the country instead of fighting each other. Confrontation will bring nothing but chaos

FIR filed against senior journalists for alleged criticism of "state institutions. All them are well-known and seasoned journalists. They won’t utter a word without a prove.

Journalists Imran Riaz Khan, Sabir Shakir, and Arshad Sharif have all been charged with insulting governmental institutions and inciting insurrection.

The FIRS was filed under the Pakistan Penal Code sections 131 (incitement to mutiny), 153 (incitement to rioting), 452 (terrorism), and 505 (statement inciting violence).

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued a warning on Monday against broadcasting information that tries to denigrate state institutions, the military, and the courts.

The PEMRA decision came after a similar warning on May 9, when it warned private electronic media not to broadcast anything critical of the military and courts.

According to a Pakistan Army official, the campaign involved some political leaders, journalists, and analysts making unsubstantiated, libelous, and aggressive statements and remarks on a variety of venues, including public forums and social networking sites. 

The question is: Who is behind this?

All them are well-known and seasoned journalists.  They won’t utter a word without a prove. 

Journalists and human rights activists have expressed concern about the trend, claiming that it is being used to curtail free expression and chill news reporting.

Pakistan is already in political turmoil. At this time this kind of action against some reputed journalist is not good for the image of the country. 

The goal and importance of journalism is to enlighten society with the information they need to live their lives. People require information in order to make decisions regarding many issues."

People look for information and news in a variety of places. News is broadcast on a variety of platforms, including radio, television, social media, news websites, and newspapers.

The world would be uneducated if journalism did not exist. Unfortunately, feudal mindset of leaders has always created problems for journalists in Pakistan. 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

At a time when the poor countries are facing crisis due to inflation and debt, Imran Khan has announced a long March towards Islamabad

At a time when the poor countries are facing crisis due to inflation and debt, Imran Khan has announced a long March towards Islamabad. 

I don’t know how PTI’s core committee has approved this course of action. Don’t they know that the countries across the globe are facing food shortage and prices of cooking oil and staple food is rising at an alarming rate. Currency values of countries from India to South of Africa 

Shortage of wheat has occurred because of the main two main exporters Russian and Ukraine. India which appears to be Imran Khan favorite country has imposed a ban on its wheat. 

New York Times have quoted International Recue Committed. According to IRC 14 million people could face starvation. 

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has predicted that Pakistan’s agricultural sector could adversely affected due to high prices and shortage of agricultural inputs.

Imran Khan’s threatening and belligerent tone in the press conference has sent a wave of fear among the sensible Pakistanis. He is openly challenging Pak Army, police and the government. 

He told the army to remain neutral. His remark indicated that he was still angry with the army.

"I also tell my army that you are neutral. You said that you are neutral. Stay neutral in this. I say again that this is for the integrity of this country and its independence. I would like to invite everyone including civil servants, families of soldiers and retired soldiers to come to Islamabad’, Imran said. 

Imran Khan and closed members of the party has built an anti-army and America narrative to hide their blunders and return to power. 

Pakistani like me knows that things can go out of control in Islamabad and could lead to a series crisis. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Manora Island has a rich history that must be preserved and promoted.

Wikimedia Commons — Beautiful Beach near Manohra

Manora is a small island in Karachi's southwest. It was once a fishing village. Because of naval installations, it became an important island after independence.

People go to Monora by boats and ships. I remember my father was posted at F.G. Public school at Manora.  We used to go there by ship called Surkhab, which was managed by Karachi Port Trust. 

It is also connected to the ground by a narrow ground passage.

Picnics on sandy beaches are quite popular among visitors from Karachi. Palm trees line its northern shoreline, providing not only scenic value but also a nursery for prawns and tiny fish. Local fishermen rely on these prawns and fish for a living.

In terms of ecology, culture, and society, Manora has a long history. Travelogues and stories in Ottoman, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, and English, as well as local literature, all reference it.

The island's historic architecture bears witness to its aesthetic and cultural legacy, visually connecting it to the past.

 Many historical and religious sites can be found on this small amount of land. Shri Varun Deo Temple, Hazrat Yusuf Shah Ghazi Shrine (these are among the four elders said to protect Karachi from disasters), a Sikh Gurdwara, colonial buildings such as the church, Lighthouse, and Deputy Commissioner (DC) Guest House, an ancient fort built by the Talpurs (who ruled Sindh from 1783 to 1843) and many other residential and office buildings are among these places.

Unfortunately, this lovely island is not without its problems. Manora has a water scarcity due to its remote location from the rest of the world, and relies primarily on tankers to meet its needs. Residents here continue to struggle with a lack of clean water.

This area's natural beauty is  breathtaking. However, floating debris, oil, sewage, paper, and plastic are among contaminants found in seawater. On the way to Manora, the pollution is obvious. Marine life and the coastal economy are both harmed by pollution in the port region.

Manohra's oldest residential sector is Old Salehabad. It's a low-income, highly crowded neighbourhood. The majority of the people who live here are fishermen.

The new settlement, known as New Salehabad, is home to a middle-income group, primarily retired KPT employees and residents from various localities. KPT, Manora Cantonment Board, and Pakistan Navy are the primary players in Manora. These agencies are in charge of meeting civic demands as well as ensuring the availability and upkeep of vital infrastructure in their areas.

Manohra's construction demonstrates that there was no blueprint for it. Buildings from the past are slowly collapsing or collapsing. Various institutions changed the edifice created here at their discretion, and it lost its original form.

On the available land, numerous new buildings have been constructed, which have little to do with the area's rich historical and environmental setting. These cutting-edge structures were built without any planning, and as a result, the manor is on the verge of total and irreversible destruction. Manora's environmental and visual assets, as well as its identity, are also at stake.

Manora has the potential to become a great tourism attraction both nationally and globally due to its rich multifaith and multicultural heritage and magnificent sandy beaches. The government has expressed interest in turning the island into a recreational destination, but without proper planning, measures could negatively impact the island's ecological, social, economic, and local landscape, putting the local inhabitants at risk.

Manora's everyday existence is extremely different from that of a city like Karachi, but it is nonetheless on the same road of history, urban decline, and transformation as many other cities in the region.


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