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Monday, June 20, 2022

Huawei Watch Fit 2

 The Huawei Watch Fit 2 is a new smartwatch from Huawei. The watch is a component of China's new large-scale health-care system.

Source: Huawei

Huawei unveiled the Watch Fit 2, the successor to the Watch Fit, in May. They don't look much different from the outside. There are no differences other than a three millimeter wider housing and a 2.5 millimeter larger screen - and even these are difficult to notice. However, a lot has changed in terms of software: it now works better with smartphones. It is now possible to answer calls, send template messages, and download music. 

Be aware that, with the exception of Huawei Music, streaming services like Spotify and others will not work. 

A compass and some analysis from the GT Runner that we recently tested are included in the runner mode.

The Watch Fit 2 is available in three different colors for the case and strap: Active, Elegant, and Classic. Apart from that, they differ somewhat in the weight and materials of the case. The Elegant and Classic Editions are a few grams lighter than the Active Edition we tested. The housing is made of aluminum rather than polymer. NFC is also available in the Elegant and Classic editions. 

The Watch Fit 2 comes with a 46mm case that is 10.8mm thick and a 1.74-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. This has a resolution of 336 480 pixels and is equipped with a single physical button on the body's side.

The silicone wristband is extremely comfortable to wear: it's light, not constricting, and it stays cool despite the silicone. Furthermore, the bracelets are simple to replace - simply press once and they fall off, ready to be replaced with something "smarter." The screen itself is bright, with vibrant colors, and it supports "raise to wake" in addition to the always-on feature already mentioned. As a result, when you lift the watch, the display illuminates.

Health modes

To begin with, the polymer version of the watch is water resistant (5 atm), so you can confidently wear it while swimming or bathing. Huawei has included some exciting modes for measuring bodily functions and health, all of which work without the use of an app: It is possible to track steps, sleep, heart rate, stress, blood oxygen levels, and the menstrual cycle.

The watch also reminds you in everyday life if necessary to drink enough water or to exercise if the watch has not been able to detect any movement for a long time. A clear widget also shows the progress and in the Huawei Health app you can see a breakdown of the activities from which the step counts were generated.

Battery pack

Huawei promised a battery life of 10 days with "typical use" and 7 days with "intensive use" with the original Huawei Watch Fit. Continuous heart rate monitoring and advanced sleep monitoring, as well as 30 minutes of Bluetooth calls, are examples of intensive use. The Fit 2 advertises the same numbers, which we found to be accurate.  Expect a week between charges if you use your phone a lot, especially if you use GPS a lot and your screen is bright. In everyday life, however, you don't have to be concerned. There's also a quick-charge feature that lets you get a full day's worth of juice in just five minutes. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Apple Fitness Plus: A subscription service will generate $ 3.6 billion in revenue by 2025

 The Apple Watch, or rather its watchOS operating system, was one of the highlights of WWDC 2022, which took place at Apple's headquarters (and, of course, online) last week; among other things, we discussed the upcoming news for Fitness Plus, a subscription service launched less than two years ago that gives users more options, features, and, most importantly, video courses to stay in shape according to their own preferences. sport and training level. Analysts at JP Morgan believe the company's future is bright.

Source: Apple

JP Morgan stated in a note to investors that the service has enough features to set it apart from its competitors, and that as a result, it will be able to continue to grow in the near future. This is despite the fact that the enormous push caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is now fading, and we are returning to normalcy, at least in part.

Analysts estimate that the virtual fitness market will nearly double in size by 2021, from $ 6 billion in 2020 to $ 11 billion. At least half of current subscribers are expected to stick to this fitness system, bringing the industry's total revenue to $ 70 billion by 2026.

Fitness Plus has an advantage over the competition because of its deep integration with the Apple ecosystem, both hardware and software. For example, during the training video, the biological data detected in real time by the Apple Watch can be displayed as an overlay, and if the user is an Apple Music subscriber, he can choose a custom playlist as the session's soundtrack.  Fitness Plus also covers a wide range of sports activities, whereas other platforms are more specialized, resulting in a larger pool of potential users.

In conclusion, analysts predict that Fitness Plus will generate $ 3.6 billion in revenue by 2025, compared to $ 300 million in 2021. That said, it is believed that the bulk of the profits will come from the Apple One all-inclusive subscription rather than single-service subscriptions.

The first Apple Watch-enabled fitness service.

  • There are 11 different types of workouts, including HIIT, Yoga, and Strength. And guided meditations.

  • Onscreen real-time metrics, such as your heart rate, will keep you motivated.

  • New workouts every week, from 5 to 45 minutes.

  • Use your watch to walk or run with audio-guided experiences.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

The new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro

The new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatch surpasses all previous HUAWEI smartwatches in terms of aesthetic appeal. The combination of exquisite design and cutting-edge technology has created an unrivaled smartwatch. Learn what to expect from the new GT 3 Pro in this article.
Source: Huawei

The new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro is an intelligent and effective health and workout coach.

A smartwatch for every situation.

The reason why HUAWEI wearables are among the most popular is because they offer increasingly fashionable and refined options.

The new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro also features a distinctive exterior design, with high-quality materials, an ultra-clear large display, and a variety of dial colors and styles.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro provides a professional appearance for every moment of the day. And thanks to the large, incredibly vivid 1.43" AMOLED display, you can enjoy each moment as it occurs.

 I agree with this statement by Huawei.

However, since appearances are not everything, the new HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro has also been enhanced with respect to professional sports. The newly added mode for professional training, the free diving mode (up to 30 meters depth), provides a professional training experience. In addition, it supports over a hundred training modes and an artificial intelligence running plan that can be used to optimize running training.

Source: Huawei


The TruSeenTM 5.0+ enhances the accuracy of dynamic heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen saturation monitoring in terms of data monitoring. Additionally, 5-system dual-band GNSS positioning offers more precise geographic positioning.

The HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro also provides comprehensive health management, including monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, respiratory health, and blood pressure. This allows for the rapid and accurate identification of any bodily changes.

In addition, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro series is capable of managing the female menstrual cycle in a meaningful manner. With the HUAWEI Health App on the phone, which is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, real-time exercise and health monitoring data can be synchronized in just three steps to keep track of your health and the health of your family.

Pro Titanium Edition. Unique technology creates a combination of retro style and futuristic elements through the use of high-precision metal processing.

The ceramic HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro is equally philosophical and artistic. This is where Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" inspired the design of the smartwatch. The pure white and light ceramic depicts the goddess's exquisite and delicate skin. The gold and silver shell-patterned bezel is inspired by the shell's undulating ridges and the sea's waves. As the watch hands rotate, the bezel's 24 intricate wave patterns, which represent 24 hours and 24 solar times, create a ripple effect.

Durable and comfortable materials

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Titanium Edition has a titanium case, sapphire crystal, and a ceramic back, whereas the Ceramic Edition has sapphire crystal and a ceramic case and bracelet.

HUAWEI selected sapphire crystal because its physical hardness is comparable to that of diamonds, resulting in high scratch and chip resistance. Additionally, sapphire crystal is used in the sensor portion of the precision ceramic backplate to improve light transmission and heart rate measurement accuracy. Moreover, the skin-friendly materials allow for improved automatic detection of temperature changes.

Aerospace and high-tech industries make extensive use of titanium. It has excellent stability, is lightweight, incredibly strong, resistant to high temperatures, and is not easily corroded. This ensures its permanent stability and dependability.

Advanced nano-ceramic watches are ten times harder than those made from stainless steel. The material possesses a number of exceptional properties, such as exceptional hardness, high resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear, and anti-allergic properties.

Individual such as your own way of life

Why is the same clock always used? We do not dress the same for every occasion. HUAWEI offers an extensive selection of individual displays and stylish wristbands for sport, business, or recreation. The fluoroelastomer strap is durable, waterproof, and resistant to perspiration, making it simple to wear while exercising. A bracelet made of high-quality European leather will suffice for formal occasions, exuding confidence and elegance. Not only is it of high quality, but it is also extremely comfortable to wear on the wrist.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Titanium Edition supports an always-on watch display, which not only replicates the traditional watch-wearing experience but also adds a touch of personality by displaying a variety of watch faces. The HUAWEI Health app offers dynamic watch faces that can change based on the time. For instance, the dynamic floral clock display blooms over time.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Galaxy Watch 4 is one such smartwatch that understands you best.

 Smartwatches have dramatically altered the healthcare industry. It has opened up new avenues and opportunities for disease prevention and management.

Source: Samsung

New smartwatches are sophisticated enough to serve as medication reminders. 

Smartwatch makers now market the watch as a fitness device because it is able to measure blood pressure, and heart rate and detect falls.

The watch will also remind you to take a deep breath if you have been working without a break for an extended period of time. Watches can now contact emergency services and notify family and friends if they detect atrial fibrillation or a fall.

Galaxy Watch 4 is one such smartwatch that understands you best.

Most of us desire to learn more about ourselves so that we can be our best selves. Samsung has designed the brand-new Galaxy Watch4 to be your partner on the path to a better lifestyle.

You can track your fitness progress with Galaxy Watch 4 It can assess body composition for your convenience. You can know about your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and body water content in order to reach your goals because it comes the Samsung BioActive Sensor and our most advanced processor represent Galaxy Watch's greatest innovation to date.


Measure the BIA with just two fingers in 15 seconds. Whenever and everywhere.

The new Samsung BioActive Sensor measures your body composition in real-time to assist you in achieving your health objectives.

With the Galaxy Watch4, you can share every step with your friends and family. Using a live message board, you may track your steps and compete with your friends in a fun contest. Challenges that include commemorative badges and a point system make physical activity entertaining, motivational, and socially gratifying.

You can use your watch and phone to monitor your activity and fitness scores. GPS allows you to track your steps, calories, and position on the grid. Galaxy Watch4 monitors physical activity to monitor your routines and supports over 90 activities for a more precise workout report.


ECG and blood pressure are measured in real time by the Samsung BioActive Sensor. After initial calibration, the sensors do a rapid blood pressure check. You may also examine aberrant heart rate and rhythm via ECG and transfer data directly to your mobile device for easy sharing.

The galaxy watch comes with the most comprehensive sleep analysis

While you sleep, the sleep tracker detects and analyses your sleep stages holistically. You can determine your blood oxygen levels and snoring patterns with the aid of enhanced measuring options (not saying you do). In addition, you can obtain expert advice from the National Sleep Foundation for improved sleep quality and duration.

The Galaxy Watch4 has a sleek Armor Aluminum alloy frame with a simplistic design. It is fashionable and functional for your exercises and daily activities.

You can create your own band style by selecting from a variety of bands, including the Hybrid Leather Band and the Sport Band. Utilize high-quality materials, a comfortable fit, and sweat-resistant surfaces to care for your wrist.

You can choose analogue or digital watch faces with a range of backgrounds, typefaces, and colours to suit your preferences, the weather, or the occasion. Embellish your character watch faces with AR Emojis to convey your personal flair, while animated visuals display your current activity, such as running or listening to music.

The first wearable device with Wear OS Galaxy Watch4 is powered by Samsung and provides smooth access to your favourite apps on your wrist. You will have access to an abundance of apps, ranging from music streaming apps to a vast library of health and fitness apps.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active - inexpensive smartwatch with a beautiful screen and NFC

 Watch S1 Active is a slim and light watch with a round, 1.43-inch screen made in AMOLED technology. It weighs only 36.3 g, is a waterproof device (up to 5 ATM) and provides up to 12 days of work (in standby mode). Its most important functions are heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, over a hundred sport modes, GPS, contactless payments and support for Amazon Alexa.

Source: Xiaomi


  • beautiful bright screen
  • good working times
  • light weight
  • solid workmanship, water resistance
  • comfortable strap, easy replacement
  • a multitude of monitoring and utility functions
  • the ability to receive calls and conduct a conversation
  • emergency call function
  • contactless payments
  • price


  • no interaction with notifications
  • restrictions on voice calls
  • errors in the application (e.g. problem with the application of watch faces)
  • no cooperation with external sensors
  • no memory for music
  • no analysis of training data
  • few extra apps to install
  • Xiaomi Pay restrictions
  • no support for voice assistant (Alexa)

Sunday, April 24, 2022

OPPO Watch Free : intelligent functions for monitoring activity, body condition and sleep

 Modern and stylish design, intelligent functions for monitoring activity, body condition and sleep, this is a short description of what OPPO Watch Free has to offer. 

OPPO highlights one of the functions of this new smartwatch - sleep monitoring. As we know very well, good sleep affects our health and productivity, which is why it is so important to get enough sleep. How is it in practice? Differently. We work, meet friends, watch TV series, read or play games, sometimes also late into the night, which means that we do not sleep as much as we really should.

Source: Oppo

Of course, OPPO Watch Free will not magically drive us to bed in front of the TV, but it can monitor sleep, as well as our activities before and after going to bed. The OSleep function is responsible for this. It is equipped with an option to assess the risk of snoring, and sensors and special algorithms can effectively detect sleep problems and propose appropriate solutions.

OPPO Watch Free uses a proprietary snoring risk assessment function. It includes the OPPO snoring evaluation algorithm, advanced continuous saturation monitoring with the optical SpO2 sensor, detection of heart rate variability with the optical heart rate sensor and snoring recording with the phone. To help detect breathing problems quickly while sleeping, OPPO Watch Free displays indicators such as the average blood oxygen level during sleep, cumulative number of snoring and maximum number of decibels for snoring.

The manufacturer, however, reminds that OPPO Watch Free is not a medical device, so you should go to a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment regimen.

OPPO Watch Free offers not only sleep monitoring, but also 100 sports modes and advanced activity monitoring

It is known that we use the smartwatch not only at night, but above all during the day, during various activities. To help you train, OPPO Watch Free is equipped with a 6-axis motion sensor and an optical heart rate sensor, supporting over 100 sport modes. All activities performed during the day can be checked in a special diary (Daily Activity), while for beginners there are training programs that will help them maintain good condition or lose unnecessary kilograms. In addition, the smartwatch can monitor the heart rate around the clock and will inform us with vibration when it is too high.

Now let's take a look at the specification of this device ...

From such purely technical details, the Watch Free is equipped with a 1.64-inch AMOLED HD display, suitably reinforced and protected against scratches by the 2.5D glass. It is light as it weighs only 33 grams. The 230 mAh battery allows for up to two weeks of use on a single charge. This, in turn, is very fast, because 5 minutes of charging is a whole working day, and 20 minutes - for the whole week. The smartwatch is also waterproof up to 50m.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Apple Watch Reportedly Coming Soon With Satellite Communications For Emergency Calls

 The low-earth orbit radio technology was already expected for the iPhone. It is coming to Apple Smartwatches.

A feature that was expected for Apple smartphones before the iPhone 13 came out is now set to come to the Apple Watch. This is reported by the financial news agency Bloomberg . The plan is for the computer watch to be able to make emergency calls even when there is no mobile phone reception - using so-called low-earth orbit satellite radio technology, or LEO for short, with which satellites in low earth orbit can be reached.

Emergency SOS via satellite

The feature would complement the emergency call SOS function already present on the smartwatch, which uses the LTE network. The device can automatically detect when a person has fallen - and then contact the authorities. Alternatively, emergency SOS can also be activated manually. With LEO, a significantly wider range for the function would be implemented, for example at sea or in the mountains. A transmission of the current location is planned.

According to the report , the Watch should receive the function in the foreseeable future . However, it could be that the iPhone will initially lead the way here – allegedly already this year, writes Bloomberg .

Already planned for the iPhone 13

Last year there were credible-sounding reports that Apple is planning to install LEO technology in the iPhone 13 . At first it was said that the function was intended for iMessage, but later the information focused on a possible emergency call service. When the new model was introduced, the feature was missing.

Supposedly it is planned to offer an "Emergency Message via Contacts" function. In doing so, the iPhone would query what type of emergency occurred - such as vehicle, boat, plane or fire. Further details would then be queried and the data would then be transmitted to an emergency service – including the position. For implementation, both the watch and the smartphone need suitable basebands including antennas for the LEO satellites.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Garmin announces the tactix 7, a premium tactical smartwatch designed for the most demanding situations: initial suggested retail price of $ 8,299.99

Garmin introduces the tactix 7 series , a new class of tactical smartwatches. Using a new 5-button interface and touch screen, the tactix 7 series offers dedicated tactical functions, training functions, wrist navigation and comprehensive monitoring of health and physical activity. Prepared for day and night operation, the tactix 7 smartwatch now features an always-on reflective display compatible with night-vision goggles and a dedicated multi-LED flashlight for low visibility conditions. With robust battery life on all three models, including improved solar charging on select tactix 7 devices, users can focus on everything from HIIT training to HALO jumps and worry less about recharging.

Created to endure

The robust tactix 7 series is made according to the military standard (MIL-STD-810) and water resistant up to 10,000 Pa 1 . The new metal button protections with reinforced metal eyelets come with a black DLC titanium bezel and back cover, as well as black tactical nylon QuickFit straps on the tactix 7 Pro series, to make the watch as durable as anyone who wears it. Available in three models, all tactix 7 watches have a large 1.4 ”screen covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens. Users can be sure as the sapphire is considered one of the toughest materials in the world and thus ensures that the tactix 7 smartwatch screen is preserved even in the toughest conditions.

A novelty in the tactix 7 series of watches is the user interface with buttons and a dual touch screen. Traditional button controls work in all circumstances and are paired with a new touch screen for direct access to dials and functions. A powerful 5-key interface and touch screen allows for quick and intuitive use of topographic maps, offering a reliable picture of the current situation offline.

To take the lead during night operations, the tactix 7 watch offers a new built-in multi-LED flashlight that provides quick access to strong, steady light in white or green. Users will find green light useful in maintaining the natural night vision of their eyes.

Tactix 7 Series users can use stealth mode, which collects distances and biometric data without recording location data during physical activity or operations. Using this security feature ensures that users can use Tactix 7 - and even transfer recorded data - without worrying about revealing location information via popular mobile apps. By not recording device location information, stealth mode also protects operational security in the event that the device is lost.

The tactix 7 series brings a significant increase in battery life to the robust family of smartwatches; tactix 7 - Standard Edition provides up to four weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode and - thanks to advances in solar technology - Garmin can provide up to 37 days of battery life in smartwatch mode 2 

Service-ready functions

Equipped with dedicated functions for tactical operations, the tactix 7 watch includes night-vision compatibility mode, Jumpmaster, dual-position GPS formatting, projected waypoints and the ability to delete all user data in seconds if needed. During air operations, individuals can use the Jumpmaster for three types of jumps: HAHO, HALO and Static . Set the clock to dual positioning mode and it will simultaneously display two sets of coordinate systems on one screen, such as MGRS and latitude / longitude. When night mode is activated, the screen backlight settings will be reduced to a level that will not interfere with the night vision goggles function.

Both civil and official pilots will benefit from the “Direct-To Navigation” function, which allows navigation directly to the airport or the use of the “Nearest” function to activate the route to the nearest airport. In addition, pilots can also access air time, including NEXRAD radar, METAR and TAF functions, to see winds, visibility and zaka pressure directly on their tactix 7 clock 3 .

Daily support with advanced training
Designed for all-day use, the tactix 7 series features 24/7 health tools including oxygen saturation pulse, wrist pulse, breath and stress monitoring, plus Garmin wellness insights such as Body Battery , Fitness Age and Sleep Score with advanced sleep monitoring 4 . The Tactix 7 series is also compatible with other Garmin devices including satellite communicators such as the inReach Mini 25 5 and dog tracking devices such as the Alpha 10.

Using Garmin's advanced training technology, all tactix 7 devices can help users achieve their goals. With dedicated sports applications, from hunting to hiking, to strength training and more, the tactix 7 series provides tools for the user to achieve top performance. These tools include real-time endurance and effort monitoring and tracking; Recovery Time Advisor that takes into account training intensity and factors such as stress, daily activity and sleep to estimate the number of hours of rest required for proper recovery from training the same effort; and Daily Workout Suggestions , which acts as a personal trainer and provides exercise suggestions based on your current workload, training status, and overall fitness level.

Global navigation

Using multi-band GNSS support, users can access multiple frequencies sent by navigation satellites for improved position accuracy in areas where GNSS signals are reflected, weak, or usually non-penetrating. All tactix 7 devices come with pre-installed multi-continental Topo maps from user regions and provide free access to download additional maps from around the world. For recreational use, the tactix 7 series comes with pre-installed public border maps, SkiView maps and more than 42,000 color golf courses worldwide.

Customers who need enhanced solutions offered by Applied Ballistics (AB) will be pleased to know that tactix 7 - Pro Ballistics Edition is now integrating with the AB ecosystem, including the AB Synapse app and full sensor integration.

The Tactix 7 Series is a continuous innovation in Garmin smartwatch technology and is now available with an initial suggested retail price of $ 8,299.99.

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