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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Ukraine suspends coal and gas exports in an effort to exert pressure on the European Union and the United States for the supply of sophisticated weapons.

President Zeelensky of Ukraine has halted winter coal and gas exports.

According to a report by an international news agency, Ukrainian President Zelensky has announced the cessation of coal and gas exports. It will be a difficult winter, so the export will be halted.
The Ukrainian president did not specify the duration of the ban.

Earlier, Prime Minister Denis Schmeigel stated that Ukraine's state-owned coal production had decreased by a third since the end of February, and that "Ukraine's most difficult heating season. "Be ready for. "

The government has tasked the state-owned oil and gas company Naftogaz with storing at least 19 billion cubic metres of gas underground in Ukraine.

According to Schmigl, Ukraine finished the last heating season with 9 billion cubic metres of gas remaining in its reserves, and as of June 1 had 10 billion cubic metres of gas.

Analysts assert that it is an attempt to exert pressure on the European Union and the United States regarding the supply of sophisticated weapons. The Russian president has already warned the European Union and the United States that he will order his forces to attack other targets if they supply Ukraine with long-range missiles. Although he has not explained what objectives he had in mind. However, everyone understands what he is saying.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

US dismisses Imran Khan's allegations. It will not stand in the way of relations with Pakistan

The United States has made it clear that Imran Khan's allegations will not stand in the way of relations with Pakistan.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price once again dismissed the PTI chairman's allegations as propaganda, misinformation, misinformation and lies, He said that the US valued relations with Pakistan.

He said he was not aware of any scheduled meeting with Pakistani officials immediately. Last week, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto held detailed talks on advancing bilateral relations.

Ned Price said the two discussed cooperation in a number of areas, including Afghanistan, terrorism, trade, environment, energy, health and education.

It is good to hear that the Biden Administration still wants to relations with Pakistan despite the crisis created by Imran Khan. 

It appears to me that Foreign Minister Bilawal’s call to Mr. Blinken helped eased the tension caused by Imran Khan’s government. 

Pakistan cannot afford the fight with the sole super power of the world. Imran and his party’s propaganda against Biden Administration is not help us. Instead it has started creating problems for us in Europe too. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

US Supreme Court towards the cancellation of the right to abortion.

 At least 24 states are ready to abolish access to the termination of pregnancy.

The first huge possible social consequence of the sentence will therefore be the splitting of the United States into two parts. In one it will be possible for women to terminate the pregnancy. In the other, abortion will be punished with prison.

Protests erupt in front of the Supreme Court and in many American cities. The conservatives cheer, who for decades have stubbornly tried to erase the right to abortion. Democrats and women's rights groups express their indignation. Jurists and lawyers discuss the legal foundations of the sentence.

It is a political, social, and cultural earthquake that is unleashed in the United States after the dissemination of the draft that the Court is preparing , and which would overturn Roe v. Wade, the sentence that in 1973 legalized abortion. Among the questions that are asked, there is obviously also the one about who has decided to release the draft, and why.

The sentence was expected by the end of June. Letting it leaked more than a month in advance is a sensational fact , given the sheer secrecy that usually surrounds court rulings until they are published. In these hours it is repeated that, for the first time in American history, a sentence is issued before the official announcement. In fact, that's not quite the case. Just Roe v. Wade was announced with a cover of "Time" magazine, a few hours before its officialization. But it was, precisely, a few hours early, when the sentence was by now final. In this case, however, it is a draft, subject to any changes and second thoughts. So the question: “Why let it come out this early ?, certainly makes sense.

A first huge possible social consequence of the sentence will therefore be the splitting of the United States into two parts. In one it will be possible for women to terminate the pregnancy. In the other, abortion will be punished with prison . Pro-choice states , such as California, were alerted immediately after the draft was published. Gavin Newsom, governor of California, has announced plans to propose an amendment that inserts the right to abortion into the state constitution. Just California, in terms of size, health receptivity, proximity to the states that will ban abortion, is destined to become a kind of port where thousands, probably millions of American women will come to have abortions. A study by the Guttmacher Institute shows that about 1.4 million women of reproductive age in California may wish to have an abortion. An impressive increase in requests, considering that in 2020 about 7,000 women resorted to the abortion services of Planned Parenthood California. The real problem, however, will be that of women of lower income , often very young, often members of minorities, who will not have the financial means to embark on a journey of thousands of miles to have an abortion. For them, the alternative will remain between an unwanted pregnancy or resorting to illegal and dangerous health facilities.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Weapons are the leading cause of death among children and young people in the United States

 Last year, about 4,300 children in the United States died from the use of firearms. That is the balance sheet of researchers from the University of Michigan.

The most common cause of death among young people under 19 years was due to firearms. Last year, more than 4,300 children and adolescents were killed in this way, an increase of 29 percent over the previous year. This is what researchers from the University of Michigan write in the " New England Journal of Medicine ".

In 2020, on the other hand, around 3,900 young people died in traffic accidents. The third most common cause was poisoning or drug overdoses. Here, there were 83% more cases than the year before. For a long time, traffic accidents were the most common cause, but because vehicles and drivers have become safer over time, these deaths have dropped dramatically in the last 20 years, say researchers.

Over 45,000 people were killed by firearms in the United States by 2020. That is 13 percent more than in 2019.

In the context of this study, data from the US health authorities CDC were examined.

Samsung has unveiled a 200 megapixel camera of the second generation

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