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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Despite harsh sanctions and boycotts, demand for Russian oil is growing

According to reports, India is attempting to make fresh crude-oil deals with Russia, but Russia's oil giant Rosneft does not have any spare oil.

Rosneft, the Russian oil giant, is delaying the signing of new six-month contracts with two Indian state refineries.

Reuters says Rosneft is "non-committal" on the negotiations because it does not have excess volumes to sell.

Rosneft, the Russian oil giant, does not appear to be short of clients.

Reports indicate that demand for Russian oil is growing despite harsh sanctions and boycotts imposed on the country as a result of its invasion of Ukraine.

Indian refiners have been among those who have snatched up Russian oil at deep discounts in order to relocate supply. However, Indian sources told Reuters that Russian oil is no longer being offered at deep discounts, especially as insurance and freight costs have risen.

On the spot market, India can still buy Russian crude, but it will be more expensive than longer-term contracts. Russia's oil has also been snapped up by China. Russia's actions in Ukraine have been denounced by neither country.

Russia has expanded shipments out of the important port of Kozmino in the east of the nation by roughly 20% to fulfil Asian demand, according to Reuters.

Russia's energy exports are keeping the country solvent in the face of international trade sanctions, as oil prices have risen by about 50% this year.

 According to Bloomberg Economics, Moscow might still earn $800 million per day from oil and gas profits this year. This is a 20% increase above the country's oil and gas revenues in 2021.

Rosneft, the state-owned oil company, reported record profits in 2021 and plans to pay out record dividends to shareholders.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Ukraine suspends coal and gas exports in an effort to exert pressure on the European Union and the United States for the supply of sophisticated weapons.

President Zeelensky of Ukraine has halted winter coal and gas exports.

According to a report by an international news agency, Ukrainian President Zelensky has announced the cessation of coal and gas exports. It will be a difficult winter, so the export will be halted.
The Ukrainian president did not specify the duration of the ban.

Earlier, Prime Minister Denis Schmeigel stated that Ukraine's state-owned coal production had decreased by a third since the end of February, and that "Ukraine's most difficult heating season. "Be ready for. "

The government has tasked the state-owned oil and gas company Naftogaz with storing at least 19 billion cubic metres of gas underground in Ukraine.

According to Schmigl, Ukraine finished the last heating season with 9 billion cubic metres of gas remaining in its reserves, and as of June 1 had 10 billion cubic metres of gas.

Analysts assert that it is an attempt to exert pressure on the European Union and the United States regarding the supply of sophisticated weapons. The Russian president has already warned the European Union and the United States that he will order his forces to attack other targets if they supply Ukraine with long-range missiles. Although he has not explained what objectives he had in mind. However, everyone understands what he is saying.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

If Ukraine is given long-range weapons, Russia will commence strikes on new targets: Putin

The Russian president claims that armament sales to Ukraine are intended to prolong the conflict - Reuters photo

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to hit new targets if the West equips Ukraine with long-range missiles. He went on to say that supplying Kyiv with more weapons will just prolong the conflict.

World leaders must work to put an end to the conflict, which has impacted countries all around the world. Despite its people's and army's valiant efforts, Ukraine will not be able to win the war.

The threats made by Putin must be taken seriously. Those who have been following the Russian-Ukraine conflict may see that they are demolishing cities in Ukraine with ferocity. In a desperate situation, he would not hesitate to attack new targets other than Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin did not identify what new targets could be attacked in an interview broadcast on Russia-1 television on Sunday, nor did he indicate the range of missiles to which Moscow would retaliate.
The Russian president made his remarks just days after the US confirmed that Ukraine will receive a Himars multiple launch rocket system.

Himars is a mobile device capable of simultaneously launching numerous missiles up to a range of 80 kilometres.
According to military experts, the range of Hamaras systems is substantially wider than that of equivalent Russian systems, allowing Kyiv's forces to target the enemy beyond Moscow's grasp.

Despite this, US President Joe Biden has ruled out giving Ukraine with a system capable of reaching Russia, despite Kyiv's repeated requests for such weapons.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

The US is shipping only four at the moment, while Moscow has thousands of BM-30 rocket launchers.

 "The Ukrainian army's situation in the east is dramatic," says Markus Reisner, an Austrian military strategist with the local Ministry of Defense. According to him, the Russians are on the verge of gaining complete control of the Donbass. Moscow's three war tactics are behind it. 

The conflict in Ukraine is now in its fifteenth week. Ukrainian forces are coming under increasing pressure in Donbas. "The situation in the east is extremely difficult," Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, admitted. 

He admitted that "every day, 60 to 100 soldiers are killed in action, with another 500 injured."

What could change the situation? 

For example, Washington and Berlin, for example, have promised to deliver modern rocket launchers on Tuesday. This weapon is extremely brutal; it works in the same way as the old Stalinist BM-13 [popularly known as Katyusha rockets] and can destroy anything within 900 meters.

Training and transportation took time, and more than 100 rocket launchers were required.

 The US is shipping only four at the moment, while Moscow has thousands of BM-30 rocket launchers.

Monday, May 30, 2022

European leaders agree to ban Russian oil: Will they be able to hurt the Russian war machine this way?

European leaders reached an agreement late last night to ban Russian oil imports. That would come into effect by the end of this year. Initially, it concerns an embargo on oil imported by sea, which will ban two-thirds of all Russian oil. Including a Polish-German import ban, a total of more than 90 percent of Russian oil is withdrawn from the market. 

Oil supplied via the Druzhba pipeline (the longest oil pipeline in the world) will remain outside the boycott for the time being. On Wednesday, the ambassadors of the member states will discuss the details.

It was European Council President Charles Michel who confirmed the agreement around 11.45 pm. According to him, the embargo "cuts off a major source of funding from the Russian war machine". In this way, Europe is putting maximum pressure on Russia to end the war in Ukraine, Michel said.

The European Union plan indicated that still think that this war will end by the end of Year. 

A common man like me thinks replacing energy supply is not easy. Consumers will have to pay heavy price for this.  This kind financial sanctions will hurt both sides.

I think it would be foolish that they think that can end Russia decades-long dominance of energy market. 

European companies also sell machinery, transport equipment, chemicals, medicines and agricultural products to Russian. 

European Union imports 84% of their oil and 76% of natural gas from Russia. Germany is the single biggest importer of oil and gas from Russia. 

IEA’s 10-point plan looks good in paper but it will be difficult to implement and reduces reliance on Russian supplies. 

Even Americans are feeling the impact of the conflict in Ukraine.  Americans are witnessing higher prices at gas stations and grocery stores. 

European leaders can import oil from other routes. I wonder how they plan to end their natural gas dependence on Russia. 

Everyone agrees that replacing Russian energy will be costly. The question is: Why do they want to put more burden on their citizens. 

The Kremlin is dealing with military shortages. According to a Polish news website.

This report is very difficult to verify. According to news reports, Russia is moving forward at full speed.

In March, Carole Landry wrote an article titled "Russia Captures Its First City."

 How can British Intelligence report such catastrophic losses? 

Reports say they require more experienced officers at the front.

New cities have been captured after Kerson.
Kharkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Mariupol have been taken.

The capture of these cities indicates that Russia requires additional men to keep control of the cities. 

That is why Vladimir Putin passed legislation allowing those over the age of 40 to join the military. I think.

Specialists are required to handle high-precision weaponry, according to the new law.

According to the BBC, the new law will allow for the hiring of a bigger number of medics and engineers.

According to the BBC story, they are looking for experts to handle high-precision weapons. Anyone who has served in the army understands that there is a distinct difference between a regular soldier and a specialist.

Russia had168 tactical battalion units just before the invasion of Ukraine (one group is 800 soldiers plus 50 combat vehicles). About 125 of them were expected to take part in the battle. 

Russia lost some of them throughout the war's three months. 

According to Pentagon estimates, 106 groups remained in Ukrainian territory on May 16, and 110 groups remained ten days later. According to "Forbes," about 20 or 30 groups remain in the reserve in this situation.

The world must try to end this war. Ukrainian people are suffering.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Russia and Ukraine should revert to their pre-conflict borders, according to Kissinger.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry urged the West to quit trying to defeat Russian forces in Ukraine. 

Henry Kissinger warned that this would have long-term devastating ramifications for Europe's stability. 

According to "The Telegraph," he also urged that Ukraine be prepared to hand over a portion of its territory to Russia and return to its borders before the present conflict erupts.

Former US Secretary of State and architect of the Cold War rapprochement between the US and China, John Kerry, told Davos that getting carried away by the atmosphere of the moment and forgetting Russia's proper role in the European balance of power would be dangerous.

The war, according to Kissinger, should not be permitted to stretch on any longer. He also recommended that the West should exert influence over Ukraine and persuade it to accept parameters for negotiations that are quite different from its current war objectives.

Negotiations must begin within the next two months to avoid creating shocks and tensions that are difficult to resolve. He claims that continuing the war beyond this stage will result in a new war against Russia. Before the current conflict erupts, Kissinger believes Russia and Ukraine should return to their borders.

According to reports in the international press, Kissinger has urged Ukraine to make territorial concessions to Russia.
According to Kissinger, Russia has been an important component of Europe for 400 years, ensuring the European balance of power at vital times. 

European policymakers should keep this long-term relationship in mind and avoid pressuring Russia into a permanent partnership with China.

"I'm hoping the Ukrainians will combine their bravery with their intelligence," he remarked. He went on to say that Ukraine's rightful position is that of a neutral buffer state, not a European border.

According to The Telegraph, Kissinger's remark comes amid growing evidence that the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin is fraying as the food and energy crisis worsens, and that sanctions against Russia may be coming to an end.

On Friday, Henry Kissinger will turn 99. He served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to Presidents Nixon and Ford in the 1970s.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Azovstal and Mariupol fell to the Russian Army.

According to information from Moscow, the Azovstal steelworks in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol are now under Russian control after weeks of bloodshed. The Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, said Friday night in Moscow that all of the fighters had surrendered. Since May 16, Russia has taken  2,439 Ukrainian soldiers. The plant was the last uncontrolled piece of the strategically important city in south-eastern Ukraine.

 This photo was taken during a trip organized by the Russian Defense Ministry. (Date: 05/18/2022)- AP/dpa

According to Konashenkov, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu personally informed President Vladimir Putin of the "complete liberation of the plant and the city of Mariupol." Russian soldiers have now completed their deployment. The Ukrainian side initially refused to confirm the news.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy blamed the West for the Ukrainians' withdrawal from the plant in a television interview taped before the Russians announced the capture. in a television interview taped before the Russians announced the capture. He has repeatedly urged Western leaders to provide his country with "appropriate weapons" so that "we can reach Mariupol and liberate these people.

Russian forces now control the entire coast of the Sea of Azov, thanks to Mariupol. This would allow Russia to recognize the separatist republics of Luhansk and Donzek. With Mariupol you have access to the world's oceans. They can now export their goods without relying on Russian land routes, using the Azov Sea's well-developed largest port and the relatively inexpensive waterway.

This changes the situation. The fall of these two cities indicates the Russians are advancing. 

Instead of blaming the West for this situation, the Ukrainian president should search his soul and ponder over the situation and make a decision to stop further damage to the state. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Finland's gas supplies have been cut off by Russia.

 Russia has stopped supplying gas to Finland. According to Finnish sources, the reason for this is disagreements over ruble payments. For the time being, however, the Finns do not expect any bottlenecks.

Source: Gazprom

As announced, Russia suspended its gas supplies to Finland on Saturday morning. The Russian state-owned company Gazprom said that the Finnish utility Gasum did not pay its payments in rubles - as requested by President Vladimir Putin.

According to Gazprom, Finland received two-thirds of its gas from Russia last year. That was a total of 1.49 billion cubic meters of gas.

The company in Espoo also informed customers on Saturday morning that deliveries would be halted. Beginning immediately and throughout the summer season, Gasum will supply customers with gas from other sources via the Balticconnector pipeline. The network is still working normally. Russia had previously cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria because they did not pay in rubles.

On Friday, Gasum and Gazprom announced that deliveries would be halted. The Finnish company had previously stated that it would not accept Gazprom Export's demand for ruble payments. Other demands are also at odds between the two companies.  Legal channels should be used to resolve the dispute.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Why is the Ukraine conflict aggravating world hunger?

 The war in Ukraine has consequences for daily food consumption. North African nations, in particular, are feeling the effects directly.

Photo by Pixabay:

The Ukraine conflict has worsened the global food situation, thereby causing hunger. This is due to the fact that grain is becoming scarcer and consequently more expensive, as well as bread. Two of the world's largest exporters of grain are involved in the conflict. According to Tobias Heidland of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, this can lead to fatal situations in countries such as Egypt, but also in others in North Africa.

The professor utilized mathematical models to examine the war's potential impact on the near future. Heidland predicts that the initial supply will be much more limited. Economic adjustment effects, such as other countries increasing their production to compensate for the loss and the resulting further changes in the agricultural market, will not occur for at least a year, and possibly much longer. Heidland states that farmers require a lead time for such changes. Crop rotations must be observed in order to prevent soil erosion. Frequently, it is impossible to switch immediately.

Even in Germany, food prices are already on the rise. Sunflower oil is in short supply on some shelves. More than a quarter of the world's sunflower seeds are produced in Ukraine. However, in Germany, rising prices no longer cause a hunger crisis. The professor states that this was true during the industrial revolution 150 years ago. Today, the average percentage of a household's income spent on food and beverages is 10.3 percent. If food prices were to increase by 10 percent, it would be easier to find savings elsewhere. According to Heidland, in a country like Egypt, the situation is entirely different. There, the average proportion of a household's income spent on food is significantly higher. Consequently, price increases have much more severe effects.

Egypt is home to megacities like Cairo and a substantial urban population. According to Heidland, the nation can no longer provide for its own food needs. Before 2000 years ago, Egypt was still one of the Roman Empire's breadbaskets. Today, the country imports its own grain. Heidland states that grain imports from Ukraine and Russia have increased steadily over the past several decades. Because both countries are close together, produce a great deal, and are easily accessible by sea, namely the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. However, the war is now causing production losses. These two countries can no longer be cultivated in war zones. 

According to Heidland, there are also reports that Russian troops have mined fields. In addition, Ukraine can no longer export grain via maritime transport. In addition, the alternate train route to Romania is being bombed. Additionally, Russia has reduced its exports, according to Heidland. Food and grain are exempt from international trade sanctions; however, many shipowners no longer visit Russian ports.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The woman who poured red liquid on the Russian ambassador says that she is threatening messages

Source :

Ukrainian activist Iryna Zemlyana, who poured red liquid on the Russian ambassador, she fled Warsaw because she was receiving death threats. . She said her name was added to the Russian "war criminals base".

The Russian ambassador was drenched in red substance on May 9 during an attempt to lay a wreath at the Soviet Soldiers' Cemetery-Mausoleum.

 Iryna Zemlyana, a Ukrainian activist and journalist, confessed to this act. The woman, however, assured that it was not an attack on a diplomat, and that the paint was poured on it by accident. 

I agree with her it was a matter of honour. However, she must know that the matter involved an diplomat and they are enjoy diplomatic protocol and respect agreed by the nations across the globe. 

Russians citizens can do the same thing in retaliation to Polish ambassador in Russian. 

I think it was a bad idea to throw red paint on Ambassador Sergei Andreyev.  She could have protested in peaceful way.  Now this incident has created a diplomatic crisis for her country. Does she have any idea how this can be resolved? 

This kind of incident has started wars. 

The inclusion of her name in the Russian "war criminals base" tells us that Russians government has taken the incident very seriously.  

Friday, May 13, 2022

Invasion of Ukraine has pushed prices even higher, and Putin's war appears to be self-financing to some extent

 Russia has earned $ 20 billion per month from the sale of oil alone since January. Thanks to a roughly equal increase in the cost of the barrel, the price is now 50% higher than a year ago. The same thing is likely to have happened with gas, whose prices on the European market are even four times higher than normal.

Source: BBC

Although some contracts are long-term and hence have predetermined prices, overall market circumstances are quite advantageous to sellers. However, there have been no significant decreases in Russian hydrocarbon shipments to date. The invasion of Ukraine has pushed prices even higher, and Putin's war appears to be self-financing to some extent.

Moscow gets over one billion euros each day on average from European countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada have agreed not to import Russian oil any longer. However, the three countries consume very little crude from Moscow, with Canada receiving only one barrel.

The European Union, on the other side, is attempting to reach an accord that will begin a progressive embargo. Hungary is officially opposed, but there is significant ambivalence about the concept among several chancelleries. The answer does not appear close, and the question "is difficult," according to EU sources.

It would be even more difficult to decide to cease buying gas, the fossil on which Europe is most reliant and for which alternative supplies are more difficult to prepare and, in any event, more expensive. Over $ 120 billion is spent annually on Russian oil and refined products by about fifty countries throughout the world. China (33 billion dollars), the Netherlands (21 billion dollars), Germany (8.5 billion dollars), Poland (6.4 billion dollars), and Italy are the first clients (6 billion). Prior to the present rises, gas collections had plateaued at roughly twenty billion dollars each year, with Italy topping the list of purchase value.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Around Kyiv, the UN alleges 1,000 civilian deaths, indicating Russian war crimes.

 In recent weeks, at least 1,000 bodies of dead people have been discovered in the Kyiv vicinity. On Thursday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet made the announcement on behalf of the UN. According to her, proof of Russian troops committing war crimes in Ukraine is growing.

"The scale of these unlawful killings north of Kyiv, including beach-law executions, is alarming," Bachelet said in a video address to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

"We have knowledge on 300 such murders, but when fresh evidence becomes available, that figure will grow." Civilians were slain as they crossed the street or exited their shelters in search of food and water. Others were murdered while at home. "The automobile attempted to flee."

Much of the exploratory investigation looks to indicate to war crimes committed by Russian forces against the Ukrainian people, according to the UN's top human rights advocate.

Bachelet also considered the situation in Mariupol, a port city. Residents have seen "unimaginable horrors" since the Russian attack began. "A once-thriving city is now in ruins. We assume that thousands of civilians have died in Mariupol, but the actual scope of the atrocities, devastation, and casualties will only become evident over time.

Official investigation of human rights abuses has been decided.

On Thursday, the United Nations Human Rights Council will vote on whether to establish an official investigation team to look into suspected war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. This probe should establish whether war crimes were committed in February and March around Kyiv and adjacent places.

The United Nations claimed on Tuesday that the true number of civilian casualties in Ukraine is "many thousands of victims" more than the current figure of 3,381.

Although Russia denies murdering civilians in Ukraine, the scenario in Mariupol and Bucha contradicts this claim. Following the Russian pullout in April, hundreds of dead civilians were discovered in Bucha, a Kyiv suburb.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ukrainians are being deported to Russia without their will, according to the Pentagon.

1.2 million individuals have been deported from Ukraine, including 200,000 children.

Ukrainians were "forced to move to Russia," according to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, who confirmed information from Ukrainian officials. "We don't have data," Kirby said at a press briefing in response to a question concerning the Ukrainian government's allegation that 1.2 million people had been deported to Russia and placed in camps.

"I'm not sure how many camps there are or what they're like," said the spokesman. "However, we have information that Ukrainians were deported against their will to Russia."

Russia's actions are "unacceptable," according to Kirby, who also stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin "does not accept and simply does not respect Ukraine's sovereignty." "More than 1.19 million of our citizens, including more than 200,000 children, have been deported to the Russian Federation," according to Ukrainian government official Lyudmila Denisova, according to Spravda's official communications office.

Kirby went so far as to label these deportations ethnic cleansing, but he did point out "Russian savagery" in the fight. "Russia has been living in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people for 75 days," he claimed. "And they prove us incorrect every time we declare I can't fall down."

This is a serious and sad news. The UN should gather its resources and try to confirm this allegation. 

It is shocking to know that the UN which was formed to stop conflict is doing nothing to stop it. 

Friday, May 6, 2022

World Health Organization (WHO) says Russia shelled at least 274 hospitals and health centers in this war.

 Russian troops have targeted and continue to attack dozens of hospitals in the disputed region of Ukraine. Trains are used by Doctors Without Borders to evacuate injured patients.

Source: AFP

It is a shocking report to me that Russian troops are targetting the injured, sick, and elderly, there are no longer any taboos. They have long targeted Ukrainian hospitals.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Russia has already shelled at least 274 hospitals and health centers in this war.

Hospitals were destroyed in there completely. The medical system has collapsed, particularly in eastern Ukraine where hospitals have been destroyed or plundered systematically. The supply line of medicines is broken. Medical personnel has fled which has made the situation worse.

Yulia Paevsku, a paramedic, is an example of what might happen to medical personnel; she was taken by Russian forces in Mariupol on March 16. She has not emerged as of yet. She was a paramedic who primarily cared for military soldiers. She never appeared on prisoner exchange lists between Russia and Ukraine. And there are frequent assaults on medical professionals in Russian-occupied territories.

It is primarily bedridden people who have never had the chance to evacuate who are currently trapped in the contested areas of eastern Ukraine. And these people s who require medical care on daily basis.

The train is a mobile intensive care unit. However, with restrictions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Russians are attacking fiercely, but the Ukrainians are effectively in defending themselves.

The Russians are attacking fiercely, but the Ukrainians are effectively in defending themselves. Six attacks were repelled in Donetsk and Luhansk. Russians suffered heavy losses"

In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Ukrainian forces have repelled six enemy attacks in the past 24 hours, destroying  five tanks, one artillery system and 22 armored vehicles, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement posted on Facebook on Thursday morning.

  The Ukrainian command, “During the previous day, missile units of the Air Force and Land Forces hit eight air targets: one aircraft, one cruise missile and six unmanned aerial vehicles.”

The Russians have intensified their shelling
At the same time, Russians are increasing the pace of the offensive operation and is conducting intensive fire in almost all directions of operations.

Samsung has unveiled a 200 megapixel camera of the second generation

 Samsung  hasn't even put its 200 megapixel first-generation camera in a phone yet. It is ISOCELL HP3, and it is very different from ISO...