Saturday, June 18, 2022

Microsoft Defender available for Android and iOS devices

 Microsoft Defender is a program that we are all familiar with from our Windows computers. With new devices, the Redmond behemoth expands its software offerings. This time, it's Android and iOS-based smartphones and computers, as well as Macs. Users with a Microsoft 365 subscription now have access to the new Defender.


Individual versions of Microsoft Defender are no longer in beta. Previously, the software was only available in a preview version. All users of compatible devices who have a Microsoft 365 subscription can now try them out.

For Windows and Mac computers, Microsoft Defender for Individuals has been released.  Most importantly, the software is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Pro+ version of the Note 11T Trend Limited Edition Astro Boy

 The new flagship core has powerful performance and high-end LCD flagship screen with eye protection. It surpasses the expected charging and battery life, and quality. It's a definite must-see.


The Dimensity 8100 gives you a true flagship performance.

Large-scale games run faster and have more stable frames. Energy efficiency has been frozen.

Providing you with excellent power consumption results.

Flagship cooling

7 layers of three-dimensional graphite + V C liquid cooling

The VC area has been increased by 32% while also being upgraded to the flagship three-dimensional graphite, which covers the chip's two heat sources as well as the charging IC, and the game's frame rate has remained stable.

LPDDR5 flagship memory
speed strength upgrade 


For the first time, the Note series is equipped with LPDDR5, which greatly improves file processing speed.

A number of self-developed technologies are supported in order to make everyday life easier and games more enjoyable.


The Redmi Note 11T Pro+ has the first DisplayMate A+ display performance rating of any LCD smartphone screen.


7-speed high-speed brush

High-end screen technology with 7-speed refresh rate intelligent switching that accurately matches the frame rate of video, games, information flow, and other applications to avoid screen jitter and smear, making the phone more power-efficient.

Natural eye protection,
Full dimming

DC dimming is the most advanced eye protection dimming solution available. Effectively prevent screen flickering at low brightness.

Hardware-level anti-blue light

Backlighting that is customized is more pleasing to the eye.

Backlight with a high-end custom design that greatly reduces the proportion of 415-455nm blue light. At the same time, it protects the eyes and prevents the screen's yellow cast.

"Primary color screen" professional color standard

 Factory adjustment one by one

For you to tune to professional color standards at the level of a designer. Game characters are instantly recognizable during teamfights, online shopping has less chromatic aberration, and photo editing has been greatly improved.

LCD ambient color temperature sensing

Anytime, anywhere, a comfortable display.

The hardware color temperature sensor accurately captures the ambient light's color temperature and adjusts the screen color.

A quantum leap in the LCD Dolby Vision viewing experience

This more stringent HDR technology certification enhances the viewing experience of Little King Kong, bringing stunning color, deep shadow detail, and extraordinary contrast to images that were previously only available on TVs.

120W Immortal Second Charge

You'll be half-charged in ten minutes and fully charged in nineteen minutes. Emergencies can also be handled calmly.

Surging P1 fast charging chip, developed in-house, has the same capacity as the Surging P1 but has a longer battery life.

The P1 chip's advanced ultra-high-efficiency conversion extends the life of a battery of the same capacity. In heavy battery mode, the 4400mAh battery can last up to 1.18 days.

diabetes medicine can help prevent kidney stones from forming

According to research, diabetes medicine can help prevent kidney stones from forming. Empagliflozin, a drug commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes, can help prevent kidney stones from forming.

Gallstones are more common in diabetics than in non-diabetics, which is a well-known fact.

According to one study, Empagliflozin is the most widely prescribed medicine for type 2 diabetes, and it can help prevent kidney stones from forming.

The medicine, also known as Jardiance, was recently presented in the United States during the Endocrine Society's annual meeting.

The medicine is already being used to preserve type 2 diabetes patients' hearts and kidneys.

However, it has recently been shown that this medicine can also be used to treat complex cardiac and renal disorders in these individuals.

It's vital to remember that you can't use this medicine without a doctor's prescription.

More than 15,000 patients with type 2 diabetes were surveyed in this regard.
Furthermore, 20 distinct studies were examined in this regard, with 10177 patients receiving Empagliflozin and 4904 receiving a placebo or a fake drug.
The trial lasted 18 months and found that patients who took Empagliflozin on a regular basis had a 40% lower incidence of kidney stones than those who took alternative medications.

Priyadarshini Bala Subramaniam, a Yale University scholar, and his colleagues conducted the research.

According to this study, it's crucial to understand the scientific basis for Ampagli Fluzin's efficacy, but there's also proof that it helps diabetic patients avoid stone formation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Are you aware of the advantages of eating bitter gourd(Karela)?

Are you aware of the advantages of eating bitter gourd?

Because of its bitterness, young people and some older people dislike bitter gourd.

Even when cooked properly, they remain bitter after cooking, but when prepared by an expert, people are obliged to lick their fingers.

People who consume bitter gourd get dizziness. Eating them has a slew of incredible health benefits.

Bitter gourd has considerable amounts of Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin C, Calcium, Fiber, Phosphorus, Zinc, and other elements, according to health experts and nutritionists, making it a great vegetable.

It's better for weight loss and digestion.

Bitter gourd is high in fibre, cellulose, and zinc, and it functions as a digestive antibiotic.

Bitter gourd not only benefits the digestive system by removing stomach worms and infections that cause constipation, but it also eliminates stomach worms and infections that cause constipation.


Caterpillars, according to nutritionists, contain a lot of glycosides, charantin, vicin, carotenoids, and polypeptide P (plant insulin), all of which assist keep blood sugar in check while also supporting caterpillar muscle cells. It aids in the maintenance of normalcy.

Cleansing of the liver

Experts believe that one of the most significant functions of crabs is to cleanse the liver. Its components help to cleanse the liver. It aids in the removal of body fat as well as liver and muscle.

Loss of weight

Bitter gourd is an antioxidant-rich vegetable that boosts metabolism and digestion, resulting in rapid weight loss.

Physical energy should be increased.

Drinking bitter gourd juice increases physical stamina and vitality, and it also enhances sleep quality.

Blood purification

Bitter gourd juice also aids in blood purification and increases blood circulation by eliminating toxins from the body, thanks to its antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics.

Patients with arthritis can benefit from walking.

Photo by Tobi:

Knee pain patients not only reduce walking pain, but they also lower the risk of bone fractures.

According to Reuters Health, women and men with knee arthritis can minimise their risk of knee fractures by walking on a regular basis.

Although walking is difficult for persons with osteoarthritis, if it becomes a habit, it can significantly lower the risk of knee fractures.

According to research, adults over the age of 50 who embrace the habit of walking can lessen pain while also reducing damage to the bones and cartilage in their knees.

Baylor College of Medicine researchers polled 1,200 patients over the age of 50 who all experienced knee pain, the most common kind of arthritis. Seventy-three percent were used to walking on a regular basis, whereas the remaining 27 percent were not.

Volunteers who walked experienced 40% less discomfort than those who did not. Walking reduced discomfort and stiffness in the joints, which is a common diagnostic indication for knee pain, according to an X-ray of his knee. As a result, walking is extremely beneficial in this sickness.

According to doctors, there is currently no cure for arthritis, and the greatest exercise for this is walking.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Colon cancer has been proven to be prevented by taking aspirin

Photo by Anna Shvets:

Another advantage of aspirin, a miracle medicine that has been used for over a century, is that it can help to prevent colon cancer.

Aspirin prevents cancer cells from developing and forces them to die naturally. If some of these cells escape the process, they can develop into tumours and cancer.

The use of aspirin in this process has been demonstrated to be quite beneficial, particularly in gastric and intestinal malignancies, where it can help inhibit cancer cells from spreading.

Dr. Dominic Wooders, a public health specialist at the University of California, Berkeley, explained, "Aspirin inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells and has an effect on their birth rates and deaths." On the one hand, it increases cell death; on the other hand, it stops malignant tumours from spreading.

Another research expert, Natalia Kumarova, believes that aspirin may help prevent cancer cells from becoming sick and detrimental to the body, based on Darwin's theory of evolution. As a result, colon cancer slows down and may even prevent the cell from changing into cancer in the first place. That's why aspirin's position is so intriguing.

Many persons with genetic disorders were enlisted in this study, as they could have been diagnosed with various types of cancer as a result of Lynch syndrome. For two years, they were divided into two groups and given 600 mg of aspirin daily. It was discovered two years later that it could cut the risk of colon cancer by 63%. Other evidence and investigations support this theory.

Experts say they're still trying to figure out what's going on, but it's certainly given aspirin a new benefit.

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