The USA threatens Russia with severe sanctions in case of annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories

 The United States , together with its allies and partners, is ready to impose heavy and swift sanctions on Russia if the scenario of annexation of occupied Ukrainian territories continues, White House press secretary Karina Jean-Pierre warned at a press briefing on Friday. "We stand ready to impose additional swift and severe economic consequences on Russia, along with our allies and partners, in response to these actions if they (Russia) continue down the path of annexation," a White House spokeswoman said. "We continue to stand firmly with the Ukrainian people and provide them with historic levels of defense assistance to help them protect their territory, to help them defend their freedom," Jean-Pierre emphasized. She reminded that the USA and other G7 countries issued a joint statement that they will never recognize Russia's claims and Ukraine's sovereign territory, nor will they recognize the results of pseudo-referendums. Speaking at the UN General As

There is good news for iPhone users who have experienced camera shake.

 The iPhone's operating system, iOS, received a fix from Apple on Thursday that addresses a number of bugs that surfaced during the iPhone 14's launch last week. Despite the fact that Apple frequently releases software updates after a phone's launch in response to newly discovered bugs, a number of problems with the new iPhones were widely reported in reports and on social media. Notably, iOS 16.0.2 resolves a camera shake problem where the camera makes an audible noise when it tries to focus in third-party apps like Snapchat and TikTok. The operating system also resolves an issue with data transfer from an older iPhone to an iPhone 14 (iPhone 14). In these transfers, the new device's screen may occasionally be completely black, necessitating a hard reset. The software changelog also says that Apple fixed a sound issue as well as an unresponsive touch issue on older devices. iOS 16.0.2 is available for download now.  It can be installed via Settings > General > So

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Ms. Marvel: Season 2 could soon become a reality 

 Marvel Studios would have given the green light to the second season. The indiscretion was shared by Daniel Richtman. Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) is the first Muslim superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first season received a lot of positive feedback from both critics and viewers. The previous episode revealed the superhero's mutant identity. Kamala is associated with the Inhumans in Marvel comics. The Earthen Mists have changed Kamala's appearance. This was likely done to make up for the failure of the non-canon Inhumans series. The Negative Zone may have been introduced in the first season. In the scene after the credits roll, Kamala, who has just accepted her role as Jersey City's heroine (with family approval), is transported by her bracelets to an unknown place, making Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) appear in her place. This happens after the credits. Confirmations or denials are awaited on the alleged inappropriate online behaviour. Ms. Marvel's creators

Health benefits of avocado seeds. They lower Cholesterol

 If you want a nice body, to get rid of digestive problems and have healthy intestines, to lower your cholesterol, to protect your body from harmful radicals that can cause cancer, and to avoid heart disease, you should eat avocados and, most of all, the stone. Health benefits of avocado seeds: • Contains  lutein  to control oxidative and inflammatory stress. • Avocado seeds contain the highest amounts of antioxidants found in plants.  The avocado fruit itself is an antioxidant bomb that protects us against diseases, so you should be interested in the fact that its seed contains as much as 70% more antioxidants than the flesh itself. • The polyphenols contained in the seeds strengthen the immune system and stimulate anti-inflammatory effects. • Avocado seeds are rich in fiber. The huge content of soluble fiber is beneficial for our health and body shape.  • Avocado seed extract  lowers LDL cholesterol.  • The seeds contain  vitamins A and E which are responsible for healthy hair and st

Apple imposes trends - they canceled 3.5mm, the charger in the package, and now they are canceling something else

 Apple heroically destroyed the 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7 series seven years ago, and the iPhone 14 now signals the death of another component that we previously believed was impossibly hard to kill. A bit of a bipolar brand is Apple. On the one hand, it pioneers fashion and bravely treads where no one has gone before, but on the other, it frequently falls behind rivals when it comes to putting certain functions on its phones. It was highly audacious of them to release the iPhone 7 series in 2017 without a 3.5mm audio port for headphones, and nobody did not make fun of them at the time. First of all, their major competitors did this in order to eliminate the headphone jack in their phones when they released the following model. Similar circumstances occurred when the first companies brazenly began supplying the iPhone 12 series without a charger in the box two years ago. The situation kept happening. After being criticised and mocked at first, their fiercest competitors fo

Where do the iPhone's components come from?

 Many industries are facing a significant component scarcity, thus some businesses had to come up with alternate solutions and were successful in doing so. like Apple, which creates components for its various iPhone models globally. The screens are made by the South Korean companies Samsung and LG, the battery is produced by the Chinese company Sunwoda Electronic, the microchips are produced by "third-party" manufacturers, the flash memory is created by the Japanese company Kioxa, and the display port interface is created by the Dutch company NXP Semiconductors.   Everything pertaining to the camera is also being developed in Japan, and Sony is in charge of it. American company Qualcomm is in charge of the 5G solutions, while Chinese company USI is in charge of the WiFi module and Apple itself produces the A15 processor in the United States. Apple is simultaneously bolstering its other business sectors so that it is less dependent on the iPhone.   Sales of the company