Galaxy Tab S7: Samsung offers the best deal


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the top devices among Android tablets. The Samsung device not only scores with great performance, the range of functions is also impressive. Those are the details.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 at a glance
The Galaxy Tab S7 is an excellent Android tablet.  It is the first 5-G enabled tablet in the US.

The strengths include the good battery life, the very bright and colorful display and the excellent work performance. A pen for drawing and writing is included in the package, and a keyboard is available as an option.

” Anyone who is looking around for buying a tablet from outside the Apple warehouse is currently best advised to go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

 In the test, the high-end tablet not only offers a colorful 120 Hertz display LTPS LCD and a long battery life of over 15 hours, but also convinces in the test with its outstanding performance, the high-quality camera recordings and the magnetic S-Pen. With a price of 779 euros for the LTE model, the Tab S7 is not a bargain and leaves some features of the big one Miss the brothers – including 5G mobile communications. 


11” LTPS Display, 2560 X 1600 resolution. 500 nt brightness. PPI 276, Color Range DCI-P3

Low Blue Light Certification. 


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus is a powerful processor. One can play intense games. 

S Pen

It comes with 9ms latency. One can play videos or take pictures with the push of a button. S Pen has been deigned in such a way that it offers good grip. 


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