Redmi Note 11 is the first member of the new Redmi smartphone family that has come to our market. It's a really tempting device that offers tons of advantages at a great price. Check why you should choose Redmi Note 11!

Stylish and solid

Redmi Note 11 is a smartphone that is not very expensive, but still can compete with the aesthetics of much more expensive models. The device is offered in three color variants. Classics lovers can choose classic gray or white, and for those who want to stand out, a blue variant has been prepared. Redmi Note 11 has an expressive, distinctive camera frame, as well as flat sides of the housing, adding character and elegance. The smartphone also tempts with its slimness - 8.09 mm - and light weight - 171 g. The casing is also practical - thanks to the matte surface it is easier to hold the phone, and moreover - you will not notice any scratches or dirt on it. The body is made of a material that ensures good stiffness and lightness of the casing, and besides, it has an unquestionable advantage - it does not break.

A display like in a flagship

Although we are talking about a smartphone for little money, Redmi Note 11 is equipped with a display that much more expensive smartphones would not be ashamed of. I am talking about the AMOLED DotDisplay matrix, providing rich, intense colors and perfect, deep blacks. The display covers the DCI-P3 color palette and offers a high contrast of 4,500,000: 1. The technology used also ensures high screen brightness - that is, the convenience of using it in bright lighting, on sunny days. The typical brightness of this display is a solid 700 nits, but thanks to a special "solar" mode, it can periodically increase up to a thousand nits if necessary! The screen has a size of 6.43 inches, which is a reasonable compromise between the size ideal for multimedia consumption, and a compact form ensuring the portability of the device. The display matrix refreshes the image with a frequency of 90 Hz, which makes moving images much smoother and more pleasing to the eye than on standard screens. Redmi also cares about the condition of our eyes. In addition to the high degree of refreshment, Note 11 uses a system of eye protection against flickering and harmful blue light.

Performance for any challenge

The Redmi Note 11 uses the proven Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor produced in 6 nm technology. This system is supported by LPDDR4X operating memory and the internal UFS 2.2 carrier, which, if necessary, can be expanded with a removable microSD card up to a terabyte! The built-in application that allows you to clean the memory of unnecessary files and optimizes the use of device resources in the full way takes care of the optimal performance of the smartphone at any time. The device also uses the Write Booster technology, which facilitates saving large files, installing applications and accelerating access to data. Thanks to these solutions, we can be sure that, regardless of the usage scenario, our smartphone will always work quickly and smoothly.

Friendly, convenient interface

Redmi Note 11 works on the basis of the proprietary, based on the Android 11 system and the MIUI 13 interface. It provides not only an intuitive, simple layout of individual elements, but also a number of proprietary applications that support the user when using the phone. In MIUI you will find convenient gestures to improve navigation through the interface, as well as functional widgets that allow you to personalize the device. The interface also gives us a "sidebar", which allows you to access all your favorite applications in floating windows with a single gesture. The system also includes a number of functions running in the background to continuously optimize the system as well as conserve energy.

There is no shortage of energySpeaking of energy, we have plenty of it in Redmi Note 11. Thanks to the aforementioned optimization mechanisms, a 5000 mAh battery is enough for up to two days of quite intensive operation of the smartphone. Translating it into concrete facts - we are talking about 43 hours of continuous conversation or 22 hours of continuous watching movies. If we wanted to listen to music using Note 11 - we can do it for up to ... 215 hours! If necessary, the energy reserve can be efficiently replenished, because there is a fast-charging system working with a power of 33 W. Thanks to it, we can fill a completely empty battery in an hour. A suitable charger is included in the set - which is not so obvious these days ...


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