After update to iOS 15.4: Apple confirms battery problems

 In addition to some improvements, the new iOS version 15.4 also brings some known problems: Apple confirmed user reports that the iPhone battery discharges much faster after installing the update.

The update to version 15.4 of the Apple operating system iOS had to deal with irregularities in battery operation a few days after the release, as can be seen from various user reports on Twitter. The company itself has already responded to the problem in a tweet .

After the installation of iOS 15.4, the battery life of iPhones is significantly reduced – in some cases, five percent battery consumption can be seen within ten minutes in sleep mode. Enormous heat developments on the back can also be observed more frequently with the update.

iOS 15.4 battery problems: what to do?

However, Apple sees no reason for concern in this regard. Instead, the company’s support site tweeted that these operations were common, noting that installed apps and software-side features would take up to 48 hours to adapt to the new OS version.

Accordingly, Apple recommends a patient approach after the iOS 15.4 update has been installed and the battery problem occurs. After a few days of waiting, the applications should be adjusted to the new operating system, so that battery operation should resume normal cycles.

Restarting the smartphone should also be a potential workaround. Customers should only contact official Apple support for troubleshooting if the battery consumption is in this range over the long term.


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