Fear of a nuclear escalation, Biden creates the Tiger Team to enter Putin's mind

 A group of super experts supports Washington to prevent the Russians' moves and to understand in advance the intention to use unconventional weapons

A small top secret group to identify the most appropriate responses to Vladimir Putin's moves, from the possible use of chemical , biological and nuclear weapons to an expansion of the conflict beyond Ukraine.

After playing a central role in defining the sanctions against Moscow, the Tiger Team strongly wanted by Joe Biden is now practicing in trying to prevent the Russian president and, above all, on how to respond to his actions.

In meetings held three times a week , the experts chosen by the White House carefully examine the events and their possible evolutions, with the aim also of setting the ' red line ' for the use of NATO military force in Ukraine. A threshold not yet identified and it is not clear whether it can be crossed with the Russian president's possible use of the most frightening weapons, chemical or nuclear ones.

The Tiger Team's assessments , however, also go beyond the battlefield scenarios, and go so far as to try to find answers to the refugee emergency , the security needs of the American embassy in Kiev and the dangers of a cyberattack .

The team also includes officials committed to examining the long-term opportunities the invasion of Russia offers the United States to improve its geopolitical position .

Inside the White House, the mantra that repeats itself is that Putin has committed a huge strategic mistake , capable of reducing the weight of Russia on a global level and alienating possible allies to the country for years.

While looking ahead, the Tiger Team devotes most of its efforts to trying to get inside Putin's head and understand how he will move.

Frustrated by the progress of his military campaign and determined to prove that his armed forces are still scary, the Tsar appears at this time particularly difficult to decipher . And this represents one of the biggest problems of the team.


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