Hijab' is the 'feather' of a girl, don't cut it: Miss Universe Harnaz Sindhu


Girls are also being targeted in the matter of hijab, Miss Universe — Photo: Twitter

Miss Universe elected Indian girl Harnaz Sindhu has termed 'hijab' as the 'feather' of girls and appealed to the people not to cut the 'feather' of girls.

Tensions continue over the 'hijab' of Muslim women in India and a court in the state of Karnataka has banned girls from wearing the hijab in classrooms of educational institutions.

While there are frequent reports of Muslim women, the largest minority in secular India, being targeted for wearing the hijab, there are also reports of harassment in educational institutions and other workplaces.

When Miss Universe Harnaz Sindhu was asked about the discrimination against Muslim girls on the issue of 'Hijab' at a recent function in Mumbai, she first looked for excuses to answer but then she did. Answering, he stated in favor of 'Hijab'.

In the video of Harnaz Sindhu's response shared by an Indian journalist in which he asked Miss Universe what she would say on the issue of 'Hijab'.

Before Harnaz Sindhu's reply to the journalist's question, the host of the event intervened and suggested the journalist not to ask Miss Universe about the issue, but the journalist insisted that Harnaz Sindhu answer himself.

Replying to the journalist's mystery, Harnaz Sindhu complained that the girl like was being 'targeted' on the said issue as well.

Later, Harnaz Sindhu replied that girls were also being targeted in the matter of 'hijab'.

Harnaz Sindhu said that the girl wearing hijab should be allowed to live according to her wishes and style, she should be allowed to reach the place where she wants to reach.

Miss Universe said that 'hijab' is the 'feather' of girls, let them fly with them, don't cut them and if you want to cut, cut yourself.

Harnaz Sindhu, a member of the Sikh community, spoke in support of the veiled girls, without naming any party or organization opposing the hijab.

After Harnaz Sindhu's statement in favor of 'Hijab', the people present there also applauded for his encouragement.

He further said that now someone should ask her about the difficulties encountered in her journey to become 'Miss Universe' and then she herself gave a short answer that she should become Miss Universe after seeing many difficulties.

"People look at her, admire her and say how beautiful she looks, but they don't know that beauty is only one percent of her personality," she said.

Harnaz Sindhu, being a 'Miss Universe', usually travels abroad, and recently when she returned home, she was asked about the hijab at a ceremony in Mumbai.

Harnaz Sindhu was selected as 'Miss Universe' in the beauty pageant held in December 2021.

Harnaz Sindhu is the third Indian girl ever to win the Miss Universe title.

She was preceded in death by Bollywood actress Lara Dutta in 2000 and Sushmita Sen in 1994.

India last won the title of 'Miss World' in the world beauty pageant in 2017 and Manoshi Chhallar was selected as 'Miss World'.

Before Manoshi Chhallar, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was also selected as 'Miss World' in 2000.


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