Vitamin D: a valuable aid for athletes

 Vitamin D is particularly important for those who practice sports , both at an amateur and competitive level and there are now numerous studies to support this thesis. In fact, we are talking about a vitamin that plays a fundamental role, as it represents the main vehicle for the absorption of calcium by the body but not only. It is also very important for the muscles and for maintaining the normal functions of the immune system.

Unfortunately, even today there are several Italians who suffer from a lack of vitamin D, exposure to sunlight guarantees most of the need for vitamin. D of our body

What many do not know, however, is that even with nutrition you can help counteract any insufficiency of this vitamin and you can therefore act to ensure the body's daily needs.

Supplementing vitamin D with your diet

As we have mentioned, the main source of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight . To guarantee the body sufficient reserves, therefore, it is sufficient to expose the body to the sun without filters of any kind. Unfortunately, however, in many cases, our exposure to UV rays is not enough to avoid the risk of insufficiency and it is precisely at this point that the important role of nutrition comes into play.

Parmalat milk with Vitamin D

There are not many foods that contain vitamin D in significant quantities and among the main ones we find some fatty fish including cod, tuna, salmon, sardines. In smaller quantities it is also contained in milk and its derivatives. For this reason Parmalat has chosen to renew its traditional milk by enriching it with vitamin D which is a perfect food for everyone, even for athletes. It helps to reach the adequate quantities and therefore allows the calcium to be better absorbed by the body, which also derives numerous benefits from other points of view.

Insufficiency of vitamin D: because it is dangerous for athletes

An insufficiency of vitamin D is particularly dangerous for athletes, as it not only determines a decline in performance but can cause problems at the osteo-muscular level. We have seen how this vitamin is important for the well-being of the bones, because it represents a fundamental vehicle for the absorption of calcium. If the reserves of vitamin D are insufficient, therefore, the sportsman can face an increased risk of fractures, due to bone weakness . Not surprisingly, severe insufficiency of this vitamin is closely related to osteoporosis, which mainly affects the elderly, the most susceptible segment of the population.

Not only that: several studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D often lead to myopathy, i.e. muscle weakness . It is therefore clear that physical performance is also affected, especially when the body is subjected to significant effort.

Parmalat milk enriched with vitamin D can therefore represent a valid help for everyone but especially for athletes, who need an adequate supply to avoid fragile bones and to strengthen muscle function.


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