Android 12 starts to arrive on more Motorola phones

 Motorola has finally started to deliver the Android 12 update on more recently released smartphones. The novelty was noticed by a user of Moto Edge+, launched in 2020 and who until now had the previous version of Google's mobile operating system.

Source: Motorola

In the not-so-distant past, during the period when Google owned Motorola, the company was a model for the competition in terms of software updates. Since Lenovo bought the division responsible for smartphones, the situation has gotten worse and currently the company's policy of updates is one of the smallest (in number of patches sent over the life of the cell phone) and slowest on the market.

Now, a few weeks before the start of Google I/O, which takes place between the 11th and 12th of May and which will certainly be the stage for the presentation of Android 13, the company has started releasing Android 12 for the Motorola Edge+. The device was launched in 2020 with Android 10 and only received the most current version of the software from the search giant five months after its availability to companies.

Android 12 arrives with the security patch

The update has also started to appear for Moto Edge 2021 users. In both cases the update is sent along with Google's own patch of corrections, an essential package for the safe use of any Android device on the market.

Recently the Moto G200 was also graced with Android 12, a situation repeated in the Moto G50 last week, followed by the Moto Edge 20 Pro. Even with the growing number of cell phones with the latest operating system, Motorola's path is still long and there are several models in the update queue.

It includes the two Razr foldables, the Moto G30, 40, 60, 60s, 100, 31, 41, 51 and 71, along with the Edge 20 Lite and Fusion.


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