Apple Watch and watchOS 9

 watchOS 9 , the next generation operating system dedicated to Apple Watch , could come to introduce a new energy saving mode that aims to allow users to use the smartwatch in a basic form while containing battery consumption.

This would be an evolution of what is available on the current watchOS 8, or the " Low Power " mode which however significantly limits the functionality of the device by showing only the time. With the next version of the operating system, Apple aims to bring a concept already introduced with the energy saving mode on iPhone and iOS to its smartwatch. However, it is currently not known what the new energy saving mode will allow to do and if it is destined to really materialize in watchOS 9.

The news of watchOS9, however, would not end here: among the rumors shared by Bloomberg there is that relating to a new function for the detection of any atrial fibrillations which this time will be able to keep track of the duration of the time window in which the user has found himself. in a state of fibrillation.

And then again are cited in a generic and not very detailed way, new specific features for the health of the female public, for sleep monitoring, for workouts and for the management of drugs in synergy with the iOS Health app, which precisely in the future version 16 is expected to integrate a number of new notifications focusing on this area . On the hardware side, however, mention is made of a temperature sensor which, however, would limit itself to signaling a body temperature above the norm without showing an exact measurement.

Apple Watch with satellite connectivity for emergency messages

There is also talk of the possibility that in the future Apple Watch may also be equipped with satellite connectivity in order to send emergency messages to close contacts or even alert the authorities in the event of an accident, in the event that the cellular network is not available.

With regard to satellite connectivity, some rumors had circulated in the past according to which it would have already been implemented in the iPhone range of last year: the hypothesis has not materialized and the possibility that this could happen with the iPhone 14 family is now being raised. expected for the current year and subsequently also with the Apple smartwatch.

According to rumors, there are two methods of communication currently under development . The first, called "Emergency Message to Contacts", would allow you to send short text messages over a satellite network when normal cellular coverage is not available. In this case the messages would appear in the Messages app characterized by gray bubbles (next to the green ones for SMS and blue for iMessage messages).

The second method, on the other hand, would allow, in a more articulated way, to report a state of "crisis" to the authorities, such as a road accident or a fire . This system provides that the user is asked some questions to better identify the emergency, and also the possibility of detecting more or less automatically cases in which the user may not be able to answer or have lost consciousness, a little 'as is the case with the fall detection functionality already present in the Apple Watch.

Like all things involving a radio or satellite transmission system, whose regulatory standards may vary from country to country, it cannot be taken for granted that this functionality can be made available in all markets.

Apple Watch for Blood Pressure: Not before 2024

Finally, some longer-term speculation regarding sensors, already mentioned often in the past, for measuring blood pressure and monitoring blood glucose. The Apple has been working for some time on a mechanism that allows to determine a state of hypertension , but it would have encountered problems of accuracy during the phases of internal testing of the technology, tested on a group of employees. Also in this case, similar to what would happen with the temperature sensor, the system would limit itself to signaling any abnormal pressure states without providing specific readings. However, the feature could be ready for commercial debut no earlier than 2024.

On the other hand, the system for the non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose does not have a time window, not even indicative : it would be a technological obstacle that is still difficult to overcome and for which years of research and development will probably still be needed. Meanwhile, Apple is working with glucose meter companies to improve support for these devices and offer better service to diabetic users.

Returning to wachOS 9, we await the preview presentation at WWDC scheduled from 6 to 10 June next , alongside iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS 13.


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