Apple’s latest high-end processor M1

 Without question, the fully developed M1 processor, now hitting tablets to laptops on Apple desktops, is a masterpiece. However, this has not been easy to accomplish, and the coronavirus outbreak has been a major challenge in the end.

Strict secrecy surrounded Apple's new processor, the chip called M1, which has since been slowly incorporated into everything from the iPad to MacBook laptops.

The M1 development team was headed by someone named Johny Srouji who had been designing his own iPhones processors for some time.

The success of Srouji lies in its ability to perfectly balance engineering and commercial needs.Srouji said the design of the M1 processor was a particular challenge, as they first had to clearly indicate that it would indeed make Apple products better.

There was an obvious need for their own processor, a further challenge was that they "had to see into the future", not just in terms of where the technology would go.

We can say that it went well, as the base M1 is also excellent for tablets and laptops, much more powerful than the M1 Max, which has been virtually doubled to come out with the amazingly powerful M1 Ultra.


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