Do you want to delete your data from Google search?

 Google has expanded the scope of data that can be requested to be removed from a search engine to protect your privacy. Until now, it was mainly the removal of public login information for banks or payment card numbers, now the list of options is longer.

You can read about the details of the changes on the Google Blog . The manufacturer states that users have long been able to request the removal of their sensitive data from the search engine , the use of which by third parties could be harmful. Google emphasizes that it is aware of the development of online activities, and therefore expands the list of data for which deletion can be requested (although, as a rule, this is contrary to the idea of ​​the search engine, which should give access to all information on the Internet).

Google states that currently you can additionally ask, among others o  removing a publicly available telephone number, home address or e-mail address. All stages of this process are described in detail in the documentation . Previously, this option was available mainly in the case of doxing - sharing contact information in a malicious way.

Currently, Google is willing to consider requests to remove from the search engine, among others PESEL number, photos of handwritten signatures, images of identity documents, medical records or confidential login details . It is worth noting that each request to delete such data is the start of a new verification process, which may require Google to collect additional information, which will certainly translate into the implementation time.


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