Limited use of smartphones is considered to be good for health

  If the use of a smartphone is reduced to one hour, then positive people are formed.  Photo: File

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.  However, excessive use can have a detrimental effect on you by causing you psychological and physical confusion.  If the use of the phone is reduced then its immediate better effects are seen.

A report published in the Journal of Experimental Biology states that we spend an average of three hours a day looking at the phone.  These include chatting, email checking, video watching, social media posting and more.  Experts say that excessive use of smartphones can lead to obesity, lethargy, inactivity, neck pain and addiction.

That's why smartphones are useful on the one hand and can be a hassle on the other.  Dr. Julia of the University of Rohr in Germany and her colleagues conducted a survey in this regard.  She says that spending a day without a phone can be rewarding.  If this is not possible, try to reduce the phone usage time.

 His team recruited more than 600 people and divided them into three groups.  One group gave up mobile phones for a whole week, another reduced usage by one hour a day, and a third group continued using phones without change.

All these people were questioned and questionnaires were also filled.  However, daily routines of life were also discussed.  Then a month later and four months later, questionnaires were filled out.  The questionnaires asked about exercise, smoking, stress or symptoms, anxiety and other factors.

The obvious effects were obvious.  Positive effects were seen on people who did not give up the phone completely but reduced it to one hour of use.  This means that if you use the phone indiscriminately, reduce the duration and start with one hour less.  This will have a positive effect on your personality.

The other important thing is that the positive effects of the personality of those who reduced the use of the phone for one hour lasted for a long time.  You do not have to stop using the phone altogether but reduce the usage time.


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