Logitech Lift, an ergonomic mouse to no longer have wrist pain

 Logitech is launching a whole new range of accessories called Ergo. The Lift vertical mouse is the first official model in the series designed for your well-being at work and your productivity. And it even exists for left-handers.

Well-being at work is no longer just in the office. With the generalization of teleworking, finding the comfort of working from home has become just as important. Twice as many places to realize that you don't always work in the best physical and productivity conditions.

Problems with arms, hands or shoulder pain have become commonplace. So many symptoms of poor posture and sometimes products not adapted to body types or gestures that can lead to muscle overactivity and risks for your body.

So it becomes essential to move towards more natural positions to reduce the stress inflicted on the body. This is where ergonomics becomes key.


At Logitech, specialist in PC accessories for productivity and gaming, the question came naturally to mind. The Swiss firm always pays attention to the quality of its products in terms of materials and design. But this time it wanted to entrust its Ergo Lab with a new mission, centered on people and well-being at work. That means finding tools that respond to the house philosophy of comfort, design and now ergonomics to feel better at work.

Within the laboratory, in collaboration with ergonomists, the products are developed to reduce muscle fatigue and improve posture as well as comfort, explains Lucie Torrigiani, head of the Ergo range at Logitech. First product of a long series to emerge: the vertical mouse Lift.


This is not the first designed by Logitech. The MX Vertical was the pioneer of the brand. The Lift is 22% smaller than its predecessor to satisfy small and medium hand sizes. “  We found that the MX Vertical was not necessarily suitable for smaller hands. So we got our engineers to work on a mouse that has the same characteristics, but is better suited  ,” adds Lucie Torrigiani.

Several prototypes were tested until the right size-design compromise was found, while following ergonomic recommendations, i.e. by studying the contractions of the six most used muscles and the postures of different body segments using sensors. on the neck, arm and hand. But also by thinking about the needs of users in their work environment.

Lift is thus a compact, vertical mouse with an angle of 57 degrees at the level of its rubber handle to fit the curve of the fingers and let the thumb rest on a side rest. Logitech wants an ergonomic and comfortable grip to be able to use the mouse for several hours without tiring.

"We wanted to find a natural and intuitive posture for small hands, which relieves the wrist and offers a relaxing grip.

“, we underline at Logitech. The coating of the Lift has thus been designed to allow the hand to be placed naturally on it, in a natural movement without twisting the wrist as can be the case with a “flat” mouse.

The two buttons (left and right click) fall naturally under the fingers, with the magnetic SmartWheel wheel in the center. This one is particularly silent, and it does not lose its precision and speed for scrolling by line or much more quickly down long documents. But you will no longer find the infinite scrolling function which allows you to scroll endlessly with a stroke of the wheel. The grip at the back prevents the hand from slipping, a smooth coating obliging an unconscious movement of the palm of the hand to better maintain itself. This is one of the good finds of this strange mouse.

It must be recognized that the handling is very intuitive and you get used to it very quickly. Each finger finds its place naturally around the handle thus inclined. The absence of torsion of the wrist is very real and it is appreciable. Two buttons are on the left edge and can be customized via the new Logi Options+ software, also depending on certain compatible software (Office suite, Adobe suite, etc.).

We appreciate the three possibilities of pairing with different devices to use the mouse as well with a PC (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS), a Mac as a smartphone or a tablet (iOS or Android). To do this, you can use the Bluetooth LE connection or use the supplied Log Bolt USB dongle, which cleverly stores alongside the batteries of the mouse. This may be the point that can raise eyebrows, but Logitech promises two years of autonomy.

And so that ergonomics is everyone's business, the Logi Ergo Lift is also available for left-handers with a dedicated model in graphite only. For those who are concerned about the environment, finally know that the Lift mouse is partly made from post-consumer recycled plastic (-70% for the graphite color, 54% for the pink and off-white).


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