Men's running shoes - how to choose the best model?

 Running shoes are the most important element of the equipment of every runner - both advanced and those who are just starting their adventure with this sport. However, choosing the right model is a real challenge, so before buying, it is worth remembering about a few aspects, thanks to which we will be able to equip ourselves with running shoes best suited to our needs.

Men's running shoes

Well-chosen running shoes are the basis of a successful training. A properly fitted model will not only affect our comfort while running, but also reduce the risk of injury. To choose the shoes that best suit our needs, you need to answer a few questions: 

what kind of foot do we have?

what terrain do we run most often?

what is our shoe size?

What kind of foot do we have?

When choosing running shoes, we must first of all match them to the type of our foot. Depending on what movement we make after our heel touches the ground, we can distinguish three types of foot system: pronation, supination and neutral. 

pronation  - this occurs when our foot turns inward while running, which results in an incorrect distribution of body weight and can lead to injury. Shoes recommended for pronators are therefore equipped with special stabilizing inserts that protect the foot from tilting too much inwards.

neutral  - occurs when the foot moves correctly while running. The body weight is then evenly distributed and no additional stabilizer is needed.

supination  - it occurs when we put too much strain on the outer edge of the foot and is most common in people with a high instep. Therefore, shoes with high cushioning are recommended for supinators. 

What terrain do we run most often?

Running shoes  should be adjusted not only to the type of foot, but also to the terrain on which we run most often. The model dedicated to hard surfaces will be constructed differently than the one intended for soft surfaces. Shoes assigned to training on a specific surface will provide us with proper cushioning and protect us from injuries.

Trail running shoes

Shoes designed for running on natural terrain (so-called trail shoes ) are characterized by a hard sole and an aggressive tread. They are perfect for running in the forest, in the mountains or on dirt roads. 

Asphalt running shoes

Asphalt running shoes are designed for running on hard surfaces such as streets, pavements or concrete paths. Models in this style are characterized primarily by flexibility, flat tread and good shock absorption. 

What is our shoe size?

When choosing running shoes , do not be influenced by the number of models you wear every day. Running shoes should be slightly larger than standard walking shoes. During training, the foot always swells a little, so it's best to choose models that will not be butt-fit.

Ranking of running shoes

When considering which running shoes to choose , it is worth focusing on proven models and brands. Currently, there are many companies on the market that specialize in the production of professional running shoes, so the choice is really big. Some of the most popular companies that are valued by consumers include: ASICS, Mizuno, Merrell, Nike, Adidas, Saucony. 


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