Microsoft Edge with built-in VPN. To prevent tracking

 Microsoft will add a new service to its Edge browser that will provide additional security and more privacy while browsing the web. A VPN-like feature will be rolled out with the help of Cloudflare and will work almost identically to

According to data provided by Microsoft , the new Microsoft Edge Secure Network service will encrypt the connection to protect user data against threats from hackers. As with VPNs, data will be routed from your browser through an encrypted tunnel to create a secure connection that allows you to browse the web without fear of attack or tracking.

Greater protection

The service is designed to prevent the ISP from collecting your browsing data, such as details about the websites you visit. Furthermore, Microsoft Edge Secure Network will enable IP address and location masking to prevent profiling and the sending of targeted advertisements.

The advantage of the service, compared to most VPN clients on the market, is that it is free. When you enable Microsoft Edge Secure Network, you will receive 1 gigabyte of free data every month when you sign in to Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft account.

To start the new Microsoft Edge Secure Network option, enter the settings and select the Secure Network option . The service will turn off automatically when you close Microsoft Edge. To use it again, the user must re-enable the Microsoft Edge Secure Network during the next browsing session. All details about the new service can be found on the Microsoft website .


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