Netflix drives us on, but it will be difficult to choose something good

 The Netflix library update brings a lot of news, but also some comebacks. At the same time, although a lot of new titles have appeared on the platform, it will be difficult to choose something really interesting among them to have a good time. Which does not change the fact that maybe someone will find something worth paying attention to. So let's take a look at today's news that hit Netflix.

New on Netflix for April 2022

Before we move on to the news that has recently appeared on Netflix, let us remind you that many titles are about to disappear from the platform .

We are talking about dozens of really good movies and series, including the Bourne series, "Mission Impossible" or a classic such as "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" . Looking at such a list of deleted productions and one where you can see new products added on Netflix, you can conclude that such a replacement is not very profitable. The biggest news on the platform today are two parts of the Polish comedy "Wkręceni". However, a new episode of "Black List" has hit the platform. What else is new

  • A song for you [+ subtitles]
  • Athos [+ subtitles]
  • Blacklist [S09E17] [+ Subtitles]
  • Doris [+ subtitles]
  • Global Family [+ subtitles]
  • In Search… A journey to womanhood [+ subtitles]
  • Jargo [+ subtitles]
  • Krieg der Lügen [+ subtitles]
  • Men on the bridge [+ subtitles]
  • Peter Lindbergh - The Eye [+ Subtitles]
  • Piekło '63 [+ subtitles]
  • Weather and love forecasts [2 episodes] [+ subtitles]
  • Sound of Heimat [+ subtitles]
  • Spirit of the Ball [+ subtitles]
  • The Cuba Libre Story [+ audio + subtitles]
  • The Curse of Robert the Doll [+ subtitles]
  • The Manson Family Massacre [+ Subtitles]
  • Tour du Faso [+ subtitles]
  • Vida privada [+ subtitles]
  • Weltmarktführer - Die Geschichte des Tan Siekmann [+ subtitles]
  • Screwed [+ audio, + subtitles]
  • Screwed 2 [+ audio, + subtitles]
If the above titles do not tell you much, then you are not the only one. Netflix has supplemented its library with productions that are niche and are unlikely to attract a large audience. Such an example is the horror film "The Curse of Robert the Doll" , which tells about ... a murderous doll. The creators advertise it as a story based on facts, but don't take their word for it. We also have a Turkish drama about men working on a bridge, and a Dutch comedy "Doris" , which tells about a woman in her 40s and her attempt to rethink her life after divorce.


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