OPPO Watch Free : intelligent functions for monitoring activity, body condition and sleep

 Modern and stylish design, intelligent functions for monitoring activity, body condition and sleep, this is a short description of what OPPO Watch Free has to offer. 

OPPO highlights one of the functions of this new smartwatch - sleep monitoring. As we know very well, good sleep affects our health and productivity, which is why it is so important to get enough sleep. How is it in practice? Differently. We work, meet friends, watch TV series, read or play games, sometimes also late into the night, which means that we do not sleep as much as we really should.

Source: Oppo

Of course, OPPO Watch Free will not magically drive us to bed in front of the TV, but it can monitor sleep, as well as our activities before and after going to bed. The OSleep function is responsible for this. It is equipped with an option to assess the risk of snoring, and sensors and special algorithms can effectively detect sleep problems and propose appropriate solutions.

OPPO Watch Free uses a proprietary snoring risk assessment function. It includes the OPPO snoring evaluation algorithm, advanced continuous saturation monitoring with the optical SpO2 sensor, detection of heart rate variability with the optical heart rate sensor and snoring recording with the phone. To help detect breathing problems quickly while sleeping, OPPO Watch Free displays indicators such as the average blood oxygen level during sleep, cumulative number of snoring and maximum number of decibels for snoring.

The manufacturer, however, reminds that OPPO Watch Free is not a medical device, so you should go to a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment regimen.

OPPO Watch Free offers not only sleep monitoring, but also 100 sports modes and advanced activity monitoring

It is known that we use the smartwatch not only at night, but above all during the day, during various activities. To help you train, OPPO Watch Free is equipped with a 6-axis motion sensor and an optical heart rate sensor, supporting over 100 sport modes. All activities performed during the day can be checked in a special diary (Daily Activity), while for beginners there are training programs that will help them maintain good condition or lose unnecessary kilograms. In addition, the smartwatch can monitor the heart rate around the clock and will inform us with vibration when it is too high.

Now let's take a look at the specification of this device ...

From such purely technical details, the Watch Free is equipped with a 1.64-inch AMOLED HD display, suitably reinforced and protected against scratches by the 2.5D glass. It is light as it weighs only 33 grams. The 230 mAh battery allows for up to two weeks of use on a single charge. This, in turn, is very fast, because 5 minutes of charging is a whole working day, and 20 minutes - for the whole week. The smartwatch is also waterproof up to 50m.


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