Oppo's fast charging technology : SUPERVOOC TM system

 Smartphone manufacturers have reached the proverbial wall in terms of battery capacity. For now, it is impossible to "squeeze" more from them without increasing their dimensions. However, everything indicates that the battery capacity is no longer crucial. Loading speed turns out to be more important. One of the pioneers in fast charging technology is OPPO. Let's take a look at its achievements.

OPPO introduced fast charging technology in 2014 as one of the first smartphone manufacturers in the world. This solution first appeared in more expensive, flagship smartphones, and over time it became more affordable - for example in the latest Reno7 series. These visually attractive smartphones, although offered much cheaper than flagships, also have a really fast charging system. With 65 W of power, their batteries can be refilled in just half an hour. It is worth adding that, as in the case of other models, OPPO adds chargers to the kits, allowing you to take full advantage of SUPERVOOC TM . If we add bright and clear displays, high-quality cameras or an efficient interior - we get an exceptionally attractive whole.

The fast SUPERVOOC TM system, created and patented by OPPO, has already lived for several next generations, it has also found its way into smartphones from over twenty other brands. Charging technologies developed by OPPO have also been recognized by DXOMARK . The Oppo Reno 6 5G smartphone took the first place in the global DXOMARK ranking in the "best battery" category. Battery performance was assessed taking into account three factors - charging, performance and battery life.

Data from November 2021 shows that 220 million users already use OPPO fast charging technology. Why is this solution so willingly used?


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