The cyber war in Russia: Both sides sabotage each other with digital hand grenades

 Hacker attacks on the country have also escalated in recent months,while shells are falling on Ukraine.Ukranians are also giving Russians a tough time there.

Cybera attck is a new form warware where hackers try to break  the fighting spirit of a nation. This is very relevant to the war against Ukraine, where hackers on both sides are trying to demoralise and disrupt the enemy away from the front.

Ukrainian and Russian services and networks are falling  victim to cyber-attacks.

Websites are attacked, private data about citizens is stolen and leaked online.

Both sides hope that the fighting spirit of the other will weaken, because the alternative looks increasingly like a bloody and protracted war.

Putin's Russia is crippled by sanctions and export embargoes that make it hard for the Russians to develop and manufacture technology.

Common goods like sugar have become practically impossible to get in certain parts of Russia.

The Russian naval blockade has also put pressure on the Ukrainian economy. Ukraine is subjected to a general and massive bombing of factories and infrastructures.Both countries are thus under pressure on the home front, and both parties are fighting a war online.

As a result, both countries are under pressure on the domestic front, and both sides are waging an online war.

The 'IT Army of Ukraine' is the name of a loosely knit group of hackers from Ukraine and the West in general.The group is leaking a huge amount of data about Russian soldiers in Ukraine. They calls on loved ones and friends and tries to increase pressure on Russia's domestic front. Russian ministries and agencies go black when the group overloads the pages with so-called DDoS attacks.Dead soldiers' girlfriends are called up by distorted hacker voices.

Ukraine has been hit hard by cyber attacks. Up until the invasion, the number of attacks on Ukrainian services and services exploded, new analyzes by Kaspersky and Trend Micro show.

Russian hackers also attacked the European satellite provider Viasat, it affected several satellite users around the EU.


  1. I think that the UN members should try to end this war.


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