Why do we like 'Bridgerton'?

“It's a textbook soap opera, with a stylish, modern look. An impeccable twist to the soap opera of a lifetime. Following the recipe patented by Shonda Rhimes, who has already shown with Scandal and Grey's Anatomy that she knows how to perfectly handle large casts where everyone (the audience) finds their own mirror. Series full of twists, cliffhangers (cliffhangers) and claptrap of all colors, more addictive than cocaine because they are the mother of all guilty pleasures: you can not stop watching them because you need to know what bullshit is going to happen next.


On any given Easter afternoon, Toni García Ramón, writer and journalist, responds in this way to the question of what he thinks of the  Bridgerton series . The question is tricky because the person asking has fervently consumed (and in record time) the series. 

With very positive results. They,  Bridgerton , have it all: sex, luxury, passion, nice clothes, little work... and the ability to make you want to continue chapter by chapter. Until the end. They live waiting to appear in the gossip magazine while we live hooked on the web of social networks. The Bridgertons are definitely another series to add to the list.Add and continue. And while the third season arrives, already promised by Netflix, we zap between platforms in search of another proposal to devour.

The first season of The Bridgerton achieved the title of the most watched English-language series in Netflix history, with 625 million hours watched in its first four weeks on the service. Because now, the audience is measured in hours viewed. How far is that from waiting for Sunday at 10 p.m. to see the Dallas chapter stuffed into 1,000 ads! (And how old is this phrase!). I don't watch much television anymore. Above all I consume series. "I have never watched television," adds the boy sitting next to me. "Only Grandma watches TV shows."


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