You don't eat breakfast in the morning? This can affect your weight

 Most people forget to eat breakfast. We usually skip this meal because we are in a hurry, we have no appetite or time to prepare a wholesome dish. This is a mistake that can affect, for example, our weight.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Thanks to it, we have the energy to act. It is said that just as we refuel our car with the right fuel, we should provide our body with the right nutrients. Unfortunately, when we forget to eat the first meal, it may have consequences. 

Slow metabolism 
One of the most frequently typed phrases in internet search engines is: - "How to increase metabolism ?". There are several solutions, and one of them is just eating a wholesome breakfast. If we do not do this, our body will enter the so-called survival mode, that is, instead of consuming calories, it stores them as fat. If we forget about the first meal, we can almost be sure that we will be hungry during the day. It has been proven more than once that fasting is not a good thing, and it certainly does not support weight loss, and is even the effect of gaining weight. 

Interestingly, the brain consumes the most energy during the day. To function properly, we need to provide it with adequate "fuel" in the form of protein. Not eating breakfast causes the brain to slow down, and we are often distracted then. We process information more slowly and doing mental work becomes tiring.

Irritability and depressed mood 
When we do not provide our body with the right amount of calories, we feel irritable and nervous. It may also have an impact on our relationships. We are more nervous and prone to stressful situations. 

Declining immunity 
Recently, there has been a lot of talk about immunity . It has been known for a long time that a proper diet also has a huge impact on it. When the body does not receive the right ingredients, it becomes much more susceptible to infections. When preparing breakfast, it is worth using vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as parsley, peppers or oranges. Valuable for the immune system is oatmeal, which contains phagocyte-stimulating beta-glucan that absorbs bacteria and viruses. On cold days, we should eat hot breakfasts. 


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