Allies have agreed to take tough legal action if there is unrest in the country.

 The government has summoned police, FC and Rangers from other provinces to deal with the PTI's long march while sealing D Chowk with containers.

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered the federal police and government to complete the arrangement and warned that those who tried to create a law and order situation would be punished. 

Sources said that the government has called for heavy contingents of police from other provinces to deal with the long march, along with police, FC, and Rangers.

To stop the long march, police have blocked D-Chowk with containers and have sealed off the area.

Sources say that the government was also told not to stop the PTI's long march. As a result, the government and its allies agreed to let the PTI's long march continue as long as it didn't break the law. 

Party insiders say that former president Asif Ali Zardari was a key part of an agreement with allies that meant the PTI could only operate on the Srinagar Highway.

According to sources, the allies have agreed that if the PTI marches peacefully on the Srinagar Highway, no obstacles will be placed in its way.

 Allies have agreed to take tough legal action if there is unrest in the country.

The allies also agreed to take stern legal action in the event of chaos in the country. Today's important meeting of the government and the coalition parties will have further consultations on the PTI's long march.

The way the government is making preparations, it looks like they are preparing for a  confrontation with the PTI supporters. 

If the government and its allies have decided that they will allow the PTI to take out the procession, then why are they making such preparations. What is the need to request for the extra contingents of police and rangers from other provinces? 

The country is already feeling the effects of inflation and economic problems. Sensible Pakistanis expect from their leaders to pay attention to the crisis faced by the country instead of fighting each other. Confrontation will bring nothing but chaos


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