Amazon announces entry of 24 '007' movies on the platform - Rent or Buy

With the recently announced acquisition of MGM, Amazon Prime Video has increased its movie catalog.

Amazon completed its $8.5 billion MGM acquisition that was announced last year.

MGM is a century-old studio. It has more than 4,000 movies and 17,000 television episodes. This acquisition will complement the work of Prime Video and Amazon Studios by offering a diversified range of entertainment options to customers.

MGM has some great franchises and value IPs, including Bond, Rocky, Tomb Raider, Legal Blonde and RoboCop.

The company announced the arrival of 24 features from the "007" collection,  starting on April 8.

The added films range from the oldest to the most recent titles, starring actor Daniel Craig. The only one that was left out was the newest feature, "007: No Time to Die.

I live in Pakistan. I can only rent or buy these movies. 


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