Are you still tired? 4 signs of fatigue you should consult with your doctor

 Stress, poor diet, and a lack of exercise are just a few of the factors that can contribute to fatigue. It is frequently a symptom of another condition, so we should not dismiss it. Why should you be concerned about fatigue, and what are the dangers of underestimating this symptom?

Fatigue is a symptom of a variety of medical conditions. They can be caused by a lack of sleep, sleep apnea, anaemia, excessive caffeine consumption, and even depression. Measuring your heart rate is one of the simplest and most effective ways to assess fatigue.

However, if you are constantly tired and find it difficult to function on a daily basis, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue. It is estimated that up to 8% of the population, including children, suffer from chronic fatigue. The most common symptoms are a lack of energy, exhaustion, muscle aches, and fatigue.

4 Fatigue Symptoms You Should Address With Your Doctor

When you don't have sleep disorders, sleep 7-9 hours a day, don't smoke, aren't overweight, and don't abuse alcohol, fatigue shouldn't bother you too much.

Frequent fatigue should draw your attention in some situations. If:

Sleep does not relieve exhaustion - it may be related to sleep apnea, which is characterised by a feeling of tiredness after waking up.

Fatigue is a new symptom - if you do not have sleep problems and have recently noticed a new symptom in the form of fatigue, this could indicate COVID-19 infection, for example.

you are worried or depressed - Fatigue frequently indicates a mental disorder, especially if it is accompanied by a lack of energy, and the pleasures you used to enjoy no longer do so; this could be depression.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Fatigue?

Ignoring fatigue can be dangerous because it frequently coexists with cardiovascular disease, food allergies, and hypothyroidism. Some tumors that affect hormone levels, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, can cause fatigue.

According to research, physically active people are less tired than those who do not exercise. If you notice that your fatigue is accompanied by any of the above symptoms, don't ignore them and make an appointment with your doctor.


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