Around Kyiv, the UN alleges 1,000 civilian deaths, indicating Russian war crimes.

 In recent weeks, at least 1,000 bodies of dead people have been discovered in the Kyiv vicinity. On Thursday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet made the announcement on behalf of the UN. According to her, proof of Russian troops committing war crimes in Ukraine is growing.

"The scale of these unlawful killings north of Kyiv, including beach-law executions, is alarming," Bachelet said in a video address to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

"We have knowledge on 300 such murders, but when fresh evidence becomes available, that figure will grow." Civilians were slain as they crossed the street or exited their shelters in search of food and water. Others were murdered while at home. "The automobile attempted to flee."

Much of the exploratory investigation looks to indicate to war crimes committed by Russian forces against the Ukrainian people, according to the UN's top human rights advocate.

Bachelet also considered the situation in Mariupol, a port city. Residents have seen "unimaginable horrors" since the Russian attack began. "A once-thriving city is now in ruins. We assume that thousands of civilians have died in Mariupol, but the actual scope of the atrocities, devastation, and casualties will only become evident over time.

Official investigation of human rights abuses has been decided.

On Thursday, the United Nations Human Rights Council will vote on whether to establish an official investigation team to look into suspected war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. This probe should establish whether war crimes were committed in February and March around Kyiv and adjacent places.

The United Nations claimed on Tuesday that the true number of civilian casualties in Ukraine is "many thousands of victims" more than the current figure of 3,381.

Although Russia denies murdering civilians in Ukraine, the scenario in Mariupol and Bucha contradicts this claim. Following the Russian pullout in April, hundreds of dead civilians were discovered in Bucha, a Kyiv suburb.


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