Chewing fingernails : How can I break this habit?

One in ten adults bites their fingernails or cuticles. A dermatologist explains how to stop chewing and how to take good care of your hands.

According to Dr. Reinhard Mrotzek, a dermatologist, the cuticle's function is to protect the area where the nail grows. The skin guards against fungi and bacteria, preventing infection and inflammation. However, nail biting can compromise this natural defense and allow pathogens to enter. Then there is no longer any protection against detergents and cleaning agents."

In extreme cases, the entire nail can change. According to experts, it is also important to consider that saliva has a decomposing effect. Therefore, if you continue to place your fingers in your mouth, you risk severely damaging the skin. Consult a physician immediately if a change or inflammation develops.

If your cuticles cause you discomfort, you should never remove them. "If you really want to do something to your cuticles, you can gently push them back with a moist cotton swab," the dermatologist advises. He also recommends a regular bath in lukewarm olive oil: "The oil nourishes the skin surrounding the nail, preventing it from cracking." However, a moisturizing cream is also beneficial.


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