Dell's new 14 ”- massive power in slim packaging

 Dell has recently launched the Precision 5470.

It is a  new portable workstation where the design and choice of components were done for a single provide the highest level of performance to demanding users - without compromising mobility.

The pandemic has redefined how businesses across the globe work. As we work more and more remotely, there is an increased need for high-performance mobile products.

Precision 5470 is an all-new design in our range of workstations.The new reality - where digital encounters take the place of physical encounters - puts new requirements on the workstations that  we use.

Cameras, monitors and microphones have been developed to fit the mobile working mode.For people on the move, it is also important to never have to worry about network loss being lost or security being compromised.

With compact outer dimensions and a weight of 1.48 kg, the Precision 5470 is one of the market's most mobile workstations.

The screen is  sun-proof and the microphones can filter  out unnecessary noise. They have chosen a bright screen of up to 500 nits that can handle  sunlight.The camera has a light sensor, and the dual microphones have built-in noise reduction to facilitate digital meetings in mixed environments

Mobile usage imposes additional requirements on components.

Dell has given built in several security features like fingerprint reader, IR camera with face recognition in Windows Hello. 

Workstation users can install nfc and smart card readers. 

The 5470 also supports WiFi 6E, and comes with Dell Optimizer . It also comes their AI tool that optimizes performance. It can help you  allocating processor time between the most used applications or automatically connecting to the network that is currently the fastest.


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