Dentist explains: Is it better to brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

To fully protect your teeth, everyday care is required. But does it matter if you clean before or after breakfast? A dentist clarifies.

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Prior to or following breakfast? Controversy surrounds the best time to clean your teeth in the morning.

If you search for the answer on the Internet, you won't find much useful information because perspectives on this topic vary significantly. A dentist from Munich describes the proper procedure.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast: On one condition

It is preferable to clean your teeth 30 minutes after breakfast, according to a dentist at the Debié and Schätzl dental office in Munich.

She notes that many people do not have the time to wait half an hour after breakfast. According to the dentist, if you still prefer to clean your teeth after eating, you should never use a toothbrush immediately thereafter.

The cause for this is the food's acidity, which erodes tooth enamel. Teeth are softened for approximately 30 minutes. If you brush them during this time, the tooth surface will be scraped and may be harmed.

When is it best to clean after rising?
If you're pressed for time in the morning, it's best to wash your teeth before breakfast, the dentist explains. Overnight, stomach acid builds up on your teeth.

When you quickly brush your teeth after waking up, the upper enamel layer of the tooth is gone. Even if doing so can cause tooth damage, it is still preferable to brush promptly after eating.


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