Finland's gas supplies have been cut off by Russia.

 Russia has stopped supplying gas to Finland. According to Finnish sources, the reason for this is disagreements over ruble payments. For the time being, however, the Finns do not expect any bottlenecks.

Source: Gazprom

As announced, Russia suspended its gas supplies to Finland on Saturday morning. The Russian state-owned company Gazprom said that the Finnish utility Gasum did not pay its payments in rubles - as requested by President Vladimir Putin.

According to Gazprom, Finland received two-thirds of its gas from Russia last year. That was a total of 1.49 billion cubic meters of gas.

The company in Espoo also informed customers on Saturday morning that deliveries would be halted. Beginning immediately and throughout the summer season, Gasum will supply customers with gas from other sources via the Balticconnector pipeline. The network is still working normally. Russia had previously cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria because they did not pay in rubles.

On Friday, Gasum and Gazprom announced that deliveries would be halted. The Finnish company had previously stated that it would not accept Gazprom Export's demand for ruble payments. Other demands are also at odds between the two companies.  Legal channels should be used to resolve the dispute.


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