Galaxy Watch 4 is one such smartwatch that understands you best.

 Smartwatches have dramatically altered the healthcare industry. It has opened up new avenues and opportunities for disease prevention and management.

Source: Samsung

New smartwatches are sophisticated enough to serve as medication reminders. 

Smartwatch makers now market the watch as a fitness device because it is able to measure blood pressure, and heart rate and detect falls.

The watch will also remind you to take a deep breath if you have been working without a break for an extended period of time. Watches can now contact emergency services and notify family and friends if they detect atrial fibrillation or a fall.

Galaxy Watch 4 is one such smartwatch that understands you best.

Most of us desire to learn more about ourselves so that we can be our best selves. Samsung has designed the brand-new Galaxy Watch4 to be your partner on the path to a better lifestyle.

You can track your fitness progress with Galaxy Watch 4 It can assess body composition for your convenience. You can know about your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and body water content in order to reach your goals because it comes the Samsung BioActive Sensor and our most advanced processor represent Galaxy Watch's greatest innovation to date.


Measure the BIA with just two fingers in 15 seconds. Whenever and everywhere.

The new Samsung BioActive Sensor measures your body composition in real-time to assist you in achieving your health objectives.

With the Galaxy Watch4, you can share every step with your friends and family. Using a live message board, you may track your steps and compete with your friends in a fun contest. Challenges that include commemorative badges and a point system make physical activity entertaining, motivational, and socially gratifying.

You can use your watch and phone to monitor your activity and fitness scores. GPS allows you to track your steps, calories, and position on the grid. Galaxy Watch4 monitors physical activity to monitor your routines and supports over 90 activities for a more precise workout report.


ECG and blood pressure are measured in real time by the Samsung BioActive Sensor. After initial calibration, the sensors do a rapid blood pressure check. You may also examine aberrant heart rate and rhythm via ECG and transfer data directly to your mobile device for easy sharing.

The galaxy watch comes with the most comprehensive sleep analysis

While you sleep, the sleep tracker detects and analyses your sleep stages holistically. You can determine your blood oxygen levels and snoring patterns with the aid of enhanced measuring options (not saying you do). In addition, you can obtain expert advice from the National Sleep Foundation for improved sleep quality and duration.

The Galaxy Watch4 has a sleek Armor Aluminum alloy frame with a simplistic design. It is fashionable and functional for your exercises and daily activities.

You can create your own band style by selecting from a variety of bands, including the Hybrid Leather Band and the Sport Band. Utilize high-quality materials, a comfortable fit, and sweat-resistant surfaces to care for your wrist.

You can choose analogue or digital watch faces with a range of backgrounds, typefaces, and colours to suit your preferences, the weather, or the occasion. Embellish your character watch faces with AR Emojis to convey your personal flair, while animated visuals display your current activity, such as running or listening to music.

The first wearable device with Wear OS Galaxy Watch4 is powered by Samsung and provides smooth access to your favourite apps on your wrist. You will have access to an abundance of apps, ranging from music streaming apps to a vast library of health and fitness apps.


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