If Imran Khan come back, he will destroy Pakistan : Javed Chaudhry writes in his column

 Imran Khan and his Tigers are also seeking a return to power. They believe that power is their birthright and that the state should return it to them in a tray.

In addition, they receive the Election Commissioner of their choosing, the Election Dates of their choosing, the Electronic voting machines of their choosing, the Constituencies of their choosing, the Electorals of their choosing, the Polling Time of their choosing, and the votes of the immigrants of their choosing.

What will Imran Khan do if he regains the office of prime minister with a two-thirds majority after all of his opponents have been jailed and imprisoned? I believe he will become of Bashar al-Assad.

 Imran Khan I know and the pattern of administration I have observed over the past three and a half years leads me to believe that Imran Khan is unhappy with parliamentary democracy. The NGOs view senators and representatives as blackmailers. They believe that these individuals create organizations and exert pressure on the government.

Imran Khan was not pleased to meet and shake hands with him, so as soon as he obtains a two-thirds majority, he will switch to a presidential form of government, amend the constitution, and make the president a source of authority. They will do it directly and, like the president of the United States, they will appoint anybody they want to the position of minister and remove whoever they want at any time.

After the reform in the constitution, he will ascend from prime minister to president and then appoint specialists such as Shahbaz Gul to his cabinet. Imran Khan is also dissatisfied with the Supreme Court. The money laundering of 24 billion rupees and the ownership of apartments worth billions of rupees in London result in the election of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. They are not even pleased with the Chief Justice and the judges' tenure. In his private discussions, Judge Faiz Issa regularly makes references to this matter.

It is evident that our administration has been unable to reach a rational conclusion regarding the presidential reference of Justice Faiz Issa; hence, they will alter the system of appointment and appointment of judges and assume the authority to appoint the Chief Justice. It will dismiss without reference any judge like Bashar al-Assad. Imran Khan is dissatisfied with the Army's tenure. 

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