IPad 15.5 and iPhone security updates released : New features podcast application and Apple Pay Cash

 New security updates for the iPhone and iPad 15.5 have been released by Apple. Apple had previously released the iOS 15.4 update.

Updates for the new iPad, iPhone, and Mac were released even before the World Wide Developers Conference, according to media reports.

Apple Corps is launching an update to promote the upcoming iPad OS 15.5 and iPhone iOS 15.5.

Some additional changes have been made in the new update, according to Gadget360.com, and some small features have also been introduced in the operating system.

These new security updates for ISO 15.5 and iPad OS 15.5 will be useful for iPhone 6 and later iPads, as well as iPad Air and iPad mini from Generation 7.

According to the report, the podcast application has undergone the most significant change; with the new settings, users can now determine the number of podcast episodes that can be stored on an iPad or iPhone. The new setting will delete the previously stored podcast so that the total number of episodes on the device can be maintained.

The Apple Pay Cash section of the wallet will now have separate 'Request' and 'Send' buttons, making it simpler for users to send and receive cash. The 'Universal Control' feature in iPad OS 15.5 has finally left beta; this is a great update for iPads; with this update (Universal Control), only one mouse or trackpad is required. Will be able to manage multiple Macs and iPads.

iOS 15.5 includes the eagerly anticipated External Link Account Entitlement feature. 

Apple has also introduced a new feature that prevents certain media from 'popping up' on photo memories. For instance, if you mark a location such as your home as one of the sensitive locations, you will not be able to view photos of this location on Apple's Photo Memories.

Apple has given third-party music applications (other than Apple Music) the ability to control song playback speeds. Previously, the EPI was removed from ISO 15.4, but it has since been reinstated. In addition to these minor feature updates, some new security features have been added to ISO and OS 15.5. Has been given.


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