Is Putin's health in decline? Or it just a propaganda.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin's health has long been a source of speculation in the media. Much is said about the fact that he is seriously ill. 

According to a Daily Mirror source, a Russian FSB officer, the dictator suffers from a serious form of cancer and was about to learn from doctors how much time he had left.

After the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, public opinion and the media began to frequently discuss Vladimir Putin's health, which had been the subject of occasional speculation in previous years.

Putin's health has deteriorated significantly, according to the majority of reports and alleged Kremlin leaks. It was reported that he had Parkinson's disease, mental disorders, bad legs, and was battling multiple types of cancer.

Now, the British newspaper "The Daily Mirror" reports, citing a Russian officer of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FBS), that "Putin suffers from a severe form of cancer and has severe eyesight problems." According to an FSB agent, doctors informed the Russian leader that he had only two to three years to live.

Putin reportedly suffers from severe migraines, and when he appears on television, he needs cards with capital letters so he can read his lines. Each page contains only a few sentences due to the size of the letters. His eyesight is deteriorating rapidly. In addition, his legs and hands are trembling uncontrollably, an FSB source told the tabloid.

A dozen or so days ago, the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" reported, citing anonymous sources, that Putin "underwent a cancer-related operation at night in order to maintain maximum discretion." Earlier, the planned operation was reported by British media, citing a Kremlin source.

Putin's appearance, behavior, and movements have been exhaustively dissected by Internet users, medical professionals, and the media in order to determine what ailments the dictator may be suffering from.

A specialist in internal medicine said that , it is impossible to make a diagnosis based on such analyses.


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