Netflix is abandoning censoring owing to dwindling user numbers. "Sensitive employees should leave"


Netflix recently announced that it is losing subscribers and that some changes are needed to reverse the trend. In a statement addressed to staff, the firm issued a warning, warning that those upset by "harmful" content on the site may seek employment elsewhere.

The email seen by Variety indicates a shift in Netflix's ethos, which appears to have been spurred by, among other things, a response to a special performance by comedian Dave Chappelle. Following the presentation of a special show they deemed transphobic, Netflix activists staged a strike. The platform will not prohibit artists and voices even if their content is deemed "damaging," according to the new "culture note," which includes a section labelled "Artistic Expression."

"Netflix may not be the right location for you if you find it difficult to support a wide selection of our content," the memo states. Employees may be required to work on stuff that they believe is detrimental, and if they are unhappy with this, they should look for job elsewhere. "Because viewers have such diverse preferences and perspectives, providing entertainment for the entire world is both a fantastic opportunity and a problem. That is why we provide a diverse selection of TV shows and films, some of which may be controversial "The note continues.

Netflix also says that viewers "decide what is suitable for them, rather than Netflix restricting certain artists or voices," and that the corporation "supports the artistic expression of creators with whom we choose to engage." After the release of Dave Chappelle's "transphobic" programme "The Closer" in October of last year, the worker who coordinated the strike was dismissed.


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