Plants that repel mosquitoes - what varieties are worth planting on the balcony or window sill?

 Mosquitoes buzzing around us as we relax on the patio or in the garden are an annual annoyance during the spring and summer months. How can you combat them? I  can recommend plants that will efficiently repel these bloodsuckers.

Mosquitoes are a type of insect that can be found worldwide. There are currently 40 categories of mosquitos and over 3.5 thousand species.

How to avoid mosquito bites in the spring and summer?

To protect ourselves from mosquito bites while at the lake, river, or forest, we must remember to spray ourselves with specific preparations, which often leave a sticky film on the skin and have an unpleasant odour. When we wish to relax in the evening in our garden or on our terrace, however, we can skip using anti-mosquito sprays. Plants that can be planted in the location where we are staying will aid us in the fight against these insects.

What are the best insect repellents? Plants that will frighten them away

There are a number of plants that are effective at repelling mosquitoes. Planting a handful of them is a fantastic method to make the odours that are unpleasant to these insects more obvious. The mosquito, or coleus plectrum, is the most powerful mosquito repellent plant. It is a member of the Lyme family. This plant has nettle-like leaves with pale stripes running down the margins. It is not only efficient at repelling mosquitoes, but it is also pleasing to the eye. Other plants that will keep you free of flying mosquitoes and their bites are listed below.

List of mosquito repellent plants:

  • Tagetes,

  • Basil,

  1. Eucalyptus,

  • Geranium,

  1. Heliotrope,

  • Catnip,

  • Fennel,

  • Lavender,

  • Pepper mint,

  • Geranium,

  • Tomato,

  • Bignoniidae,

  • Thyme.


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