Wednesday, May 25, 2022

PTI and Imran Khan never made an effort to reform Punjab Police. Now we witnessing Punjab Police's brutality

 We are witnessing police brutality again because #PTI and Imran Khan never made an effort to reform Punjab Police. Like the PMLN government, they also used the police force for their personal things. 

PTI leaders, workers, and activists are lamenting the police brutality in Punjab.

Punjab was under the control of the PTI for three years. They did not attempt to reform the Punjab Police; instead, they exploited them by transferring and posting officers. According to Rauf Klasra's video, 3000 transfers were made for 450 positions in Punjab. 

Imagine how much money the PTI leaders made through these transfers. 

Pakistanis will be interesting to note PTI changed 6 inspector generals of Police and 7 chief secretaries during their rule. 

Nasir Durrani, a well-known and respected figure, was appointed chairman of the Punjab Police Reforms Commission to improve the province's police force. He left the job, however, after realizing that the government was not as committed to reform as it was in KP.

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