Qualcom’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 solutions are setting the bar for next-generation Wi-Fi.

7 Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 7 improves wireless experiences and accelerates developing use cases, such as low-latency extended reality (XR), social cloud-based gaming, 8K video streaming, and simultaneous video conferencing and casting, thanks to its exceptional wireless internet speeds and persistent low latency.

With improved speeds, latency, and network capacity, as well as support for advanced features like 320MHz channels, 4K QAM, and advanced multi-link implementations like High Band Simultaneous Multi-Link, Qualcomm Technologies' Wi-Fi 7 solutions push the limits of what Wi-Fi can achieve.

Wi-Fi 7 is the next-generation wireless standard.

Qualcomm Technologies has been at the forefront of important Wi-Fi innovations for decades, including approaches for efficiently setting up and onboarding devices to Wi-Fi networks, advanced antenna structures, radio waveform design to increase speed and range, and mesh Wi-Fi network technologies.

Through constant innovation and the pursuit of unlicensed spectrum assets, our inventions change Wi-Fi while also contributing profoundly to Wi-Fi standards. While spearheading the development of Wi-Fi 7 standards, we continue to promote the growth of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E.

Wi-Fi 7 provides a big performance boost.

Channel Bandwidths of 320MHz

Thanks to a broader channel and capacity enhancements from the 6GHz frequency, Wi-Fi 7 can give substantial throughput gains. Wi-Fi 7 has a peak rate of over 40 Gbps, which is a 4X improvement over Wi-Fi 6E.

Capabilities for Multiple-Linking

Wi-Fi 7 introduces a number of multi-link options that can boost throughput and minimise delay. High-Band Simultaneous Multi-Link is the most powerful multi-link option, since it uses two Wi-Fi radios working concurrently in the high bands (5 or 6 GHz) to create a single aggregated data stream that delivers excellent performance even in congested locations.

In comparison to Wi-Fi systems employing 1K QAM modulation, Wi-Fi 7 is adopting a sophisticated modulation strategy called 4K QAM, which can improve peak rates to increase throughput and capacity.

Use of Multiple Channels

This technological development is based on preamble puncturing to avoid interference-prone channels, allowing for the usage of broader channels even when interference is present.

New advanced application cases are enabled by our cutting-edge inventions.

Qualcomm Technologies is at the vanguard of this technological transformation, leveraging the capabilities of Wi-Fi and setting the road for next-generation, on-demand user experiences.

Significant improvements in capacity

Thanks to new capabilities designed to serve huge numbers of users and devices in bandwidth-intensive scenarios, Wi-Fi 7 provides extreme data rates, lower latencies, and improved network capacity.

Amazing new experiences

Wi-Fi 7 delivers on the promise of advanced experiences, such as low-latency XR for social gaming and sophisticated video conferencing and casting for virtual work and education.

Wi-Fi technological advancement

Our solutions are built to support IEEE 802.11 and Wi-Fi Alliance standards while keeping future user needs and capabilities in mind as a long-time technical leader in wireless breakthroughs and standards.

Source: Qualcomm


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