The Kremlin is dealing with military shortages. According to a Polish news website.

This report is very difficult to verify. According to news reports, Russia is moving forward at full speed.

In March, Carole Landry wrote an article titled "Russia Captures Its First City."

 How can British Intelligence report such catastrophic losses? 

Reports say they require more experienced officers at the front.

New cities have been captured after Kerson.
Kharkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Mariupol have been taken.

The capture of these cities indicates that Russia requires additional men to keep control of the cities. 

That is why Vladimir Putin passed legislation allowing those over the age of 40 to join the military. I think.

Specialists are required to handle high-precision weaponry, according to the new law.

According to the BBC, the new law will allow for the hiring of a bigger number of medics and engineers.

According to the BBC story, they are looking for experts to handle high-precision weapons. Anyone who has served in the army understands that there is a distinct difference between a regular soldier and a specialist.

Russia had168 tactical battalion units just before the invasion of Ukraine (one group is 800 soldiers plus 50 combat vehicles). About 125 of them were expected to take part in the battle. 

Russia lost some of them throughout the war's three months. 

According to Pentagon estimates, 106 groups remained in Ukrainian territory on May 16, and 110 groups remained ten days later. According to "Forbes," about 20 or 30 groups remain in the reserve in this situation.

The world must try to end this war. Ukrainian people are suffering.


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