The Life and Times of Angie Bardot: A non-alcoholic cure for a divorce hangover


Angie is endearingly tragic as she embarks on her adventures, providing a truly hilarious account of what could possibly go wrong when her long-term marriage comes to an end. It's no laughing matter to extol the numerous pitfalls of being single, and it's even worse to be thrust into the dating world.

Chaos ensues when the desire to see a particular part of the male anatomy takes precedence. Angie's journey will make you laugh out loud while also making you raise your eyebrows in disgust.

This two-part true story takes you from "Hell No" to "Hell Yes," evoking a wide range of emotions as you follow Angie on her journey of self-discovery. This compelling portrayal of compassion gives insight into the weakest and strongest moments of what it means to be human.

This compelling depiction of compassion provides insight into the weakest and strongest moments of what it means to be human through a captivating exposé of the courage and frankness required to start over when life takes a turn for the worse.

You'll fall in love with Angie and be unable to put the book down until you've seen what she does next. Being overly cautious is not Angela's strong suit. It's no surprise that she ends up with her tail between her legs on several occasions due to her unique style of telling her story, which is both heartbreaking and hilariously funny.

Does she ever learn?

Angie Bardot, like this book, is a one-of-a-kind individua


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