There was no such thing as a perfect laptop... Nonetheless! Check out the Lenovo Yoga series computers.

 They are neat, light, and stylish. They are also extremely fast, efficient, and intelligent. Take a look at the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro laptop.

Source:  Lenovo

A fourteen-inch display occupies 91 percent of the space in a designer aluminium housing. the screen surface, with high resolution (up to 2.8K) and 90-hertz image refreshment, which eliminates delays when watching streaming video or playing games.

Add to that the 16:10 aspect ratio, 100 percent sRGB colour coverage, over 1.07 billion shades optimised with Dolby Vision technology, and over 246 pixels per inch, and we have equipment that will delight in any scenario - from viewing and creating documents to surfing the Internet and multimedia consumption (the latter is made more enjoyable by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies, which are used by great stereo speakers).

When you look closely at this laptop, you'll notice a plethora of thoughtful solutions that will make your life much easier. This includes a backlit keyboard with dome-shaped buttons (this new solution improves typing comfort), a 25% larger touch panel, and a camera module shifted upwards (it makes it easier to open the laptop with one hand).

When you look closely at this laptop, you'll notice a plethora of thoughtful solutions thHidden power

Despite the fact that the entire thing is compact and extremely shaped, it has impressive potential. The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro is built on the cutting-edge Intel Evo platform, which provides stunning performance (optimised by artificial intelligence) and responsiveness, as well as a long battery life.

The computer's extremely powerful 11th-generation Intel Core processor collaborates with the powerful Intel Iris Xe graphics system to provide a smooth, detailed, and suggestive image even after launching extremely demanding programmes, streaming, and video editing.

Source: Lenovo

The Flip to Boot function, which uses face recognition technology, is also "on board," allowing the laptop to turn on automatically when the lid is opened. There are also Alexa digital assistants, sensors that alert the user when someone looks over his shoulder, and sensors that record the user's departure from the computer (then they protect the data).

In addition, there was Intel Wi-Fi 6 gigabit connectivity and a Thunderbolt 4 port for data transfer and charging.

Let us add: charging that supports the extremely fast Rapid Charge technology, which allows us to recharge the computer battery for another two hours of work in just fifteen minutes.

To extend the battery life and boost the performance of the laptop, the designers employed the Intelligent Cooling function, which automatically optimises the power level and dynamically directs energy to the parts of the computer that require it the most at any given time

You get a good start as standard with two years of Premium Care, which is a one-of-a-kind service in which experts not only assist with the initial configuration of the computer (including issues related to software and peripherals), but also provide additional support in the most convenient form for you - via the free hotline, chat, or e-mail. Repairs possible? They will be prioritised, and a specialist will be able to schedule a service visit with access to your home.


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